Fashion Forward

Tried & Tested: Judy Blue Jeans

Discover the comfort and style of Judy Blue Jeans, now a staple here! Explore our favorites and see why these jeans are a must-have in your wardrobe. Don’t forget to check our Judy Blue sizing guide to find your perfect pair! 

Trend Alert: Crochet

With the warmer weather on the horizon, we have been looking for the best trends and styles that will for sure be THE staple for summer… and we found it. Crochet is what everyone wants and wears for the beach and the streets. Becoming a summer necessity, crochet has become a core style you need for summer. Don’t start packing your suitcase for your next beach trip just yet. We want to make sure you know what crochet styles you need to pack for vacation.

Tried & Tested: The Onesie Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit, onesie jumpsuit, or jumper…whatever you call it, this one-piece clothing option has taken over our closets this year! Keep reading to learn more about our best-selling styles!

What to Wear for the Holidays: A Fashion Guide

It’s the season of giving! With the holidays just around the corner, everyone is rushing trying to finish their holiday shopping, but also trying to find that perfect outfit to wear to holiday activities. Whether you are with family or going to see Christmas lights, you want to make sure you have the right look for the occasion. This fashion guide for what to wear for the holidays will answer all of your questions so you are dressed right for any activities.

How to Style your Favorite Flannel

A classic fall staple, flannels are something everyone has in their closet from numerous different brands and colors. Around for many, many years, when the weather starts to cool and leaves start to change it is time to pull out your plaid and flannels. Depending on your style, flannels are super versatile and be styled however you feel fits you. With so many different ways to style, here some of the ways we like to style our flannels or plaid shirts.

Classic Fall Prints and Fabrics You Can't Go Without

Fall is finally in the air! After a long, hot summer, everyone is excited to swap out their Summer wardrobe for Fall. It’s the season of football, Halloween, bonfires and more activities that scream Fall. But with Fall, comes colder weather, early sunsets, and some of the most timeless fashion trends that seem to never go over year after year. Even though there are other fashion trends this Fall, we can never forget about the basics. Read more to see what classic Fall prints and fabrics you can't go without.

Brand Spotlight: 1897 Original & Active

Are you looking for new jeans, tops, or activewear? Well look no further because Glik’s has you covered with the latest fashion and trends to keep you looking your best with our very own brand: 1897.

Your Guide to Athleisure

What is athleisure? Great for on-the-go, athleisure wear takes traditional sporty clothing and incorporates it into your everyday wardrobe. Keep reading to learn more about how to combine streetwear and athleticwear into the perfect athleisure style.

Back to School: Styles you Need to Stand Out

With summer coming to an end, that could only mean one thing… school is back in session! For some students, it means reuniting with their friends and getting ready for their school sports and extracurriculars. However, the best part of going back to school is showing off you new wardrobe you bought for the school year. But with all the trends and styles, how do you know what will stand out at school? Here are some styles and trends that will definitely make you stand out this school year.

Brand Spotlight: Thread & Supply

From button up tops, sweaters, shackets, and jackets, Thread & Supply clothing is our go-to for fall fashion. Their styles are comfy and casual for your everyday looks. Keep reading to learn more about this fall forward brand and shop now at for the latest styles!

Brand Spotlight: Judy Blue Jeans

Designed to be trendy and comfortable, be prepared to fall in love with Judy Blue Jeans. Established in 1999, Judy Blue wanted to provide a style of jeans for every woman. No matter size or shape, you are meant to feel confident in these jeans. Want to know more about Judy Blue at Glik's? Keeping reading to find out and fall in love with Judy Blue!

Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic

What is the coastal cowgirl aesthetic? Keep reading to learn more about this new beachy-chic fashion trend and how to create the perfect coastal cowgirl outfit!

What To Wear To A Concert This Summer

Summer is here and that means concert season. You may be wondering what you should wear to a concert, and Glik’s has got you covered, no matter what genre of music you are going to dance all night long to.

Brand Spotlight: Teleties

Are you looking for a new reliable hair tie or hair clip? Teleties is a modern hair tie brand that offers a wide selection of hair tie and hair clips in multiple colors and patterns.

Best Summer Outfit Ideas

The summer season is among us! That means vacations, weekend farmers market, swimming by the pool and buying more clothes. If you are wondering what to wear for summer this blog will tell you all about it and how to style your clothing during those warm months!

Rom Com Core: A New and Favorite Trend for 2023

Fashion is always changing; bringing back styles from the past or creating new trends that take over the world by storm. In 2023, we are seeing more styles from the past that mimic a beloved movie genre: Romantic Comedies or Rom Coms. Movies like Mean Girls, 13 Going on 30, Clueless and so many others had a huge impact on fashion during the 90s and 2000s. Today, these trendy 90s/2000s looks are back in a bigger way, but which ones do you love or love to hate? Let’s look at some of the best styles of the Rom Com Core trend!