How to Style your Favorite Flannel

How to Style your Favorite Flannel

A classic fall staple, flannels are something everyone has in their closet from numerous different brands and colors. Around for many, many years, when the weather starts to cool and leaves start to change it is time to pull out your plaid and flannels. Flannel isn’t necessarily the shirt type; flannel is a soft and woven fabric made of cotton. The soft and woven fabric makes it the perfect material for cooler weather. Most people associate flannels with plaid, but they come in multiple designs and solid colors. Depending on your style, flannels are super versatile and can be styled however you feel fits you. With so many different ways to style, here are some of the ways we like to style our flannels or plaid shirts.

How to Style your Favorite Flannel

Flannels are one of the best layering pieces. With the plaid design and multiple colors, it can bring another level of style to your outfit. A classic way to style flannels is to wear it over a basic or solid color t-shirt. With many flannels having different plaid color patterns, going with a basic t-shirt really makes the flannel the statement piece. Feel like taking it up a notch? Add your favorite graphic tee underneath to add some fun to the flannel so it isn’t the main piece of the look.

Both men and women have always loved flannels and plaid. However, when it comes to styling, that is where there is difference. Women love a good oversized top moment; the bigger, the more comfortable. A more recent trend with women involves a jumpsuit or catsuit with a flannel over top. A classic look is simply tying the flannel around your waist with just about any outfit. A dress or t-shirt and jeans, your flannel went from being a fashion piece to an accessory. Men love the basic look, keeping it simple by wearing it underneath sweaters or vests. For a more updated casual look, pairing a flannel with a nice pair of jeans will always do the trick.

Flannels are one of the few things in your closet that you can wear year after year, and it is never out of trend. But there is always room to add some new flannels. Check out your local Glik’s store or to find your new favorite flannel.

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