Fashion Forward

Brand Spotlight: Birkenstock

Birkenstock offers premium quality shoes for women, men, and kids. You can shop their classic sandal or clog style shoes, comfy socks, and other accessories. Learn more about the styles of Birkenstocks Glik's carries as well as the signature contoured footbed and sizing chart.

Game Day Outfits

It is that time of the year where it seems like all people talk about are sports. Baseball is coming to an end in the next months, college and professional football are back in full swing, and hockey season is approaching fast. Tired of wearing the same old sports jersey to a baseball, football, hockey game? Here are some stylish outfits to really bring your A game for a sports game.

Staples For Back To School Outfits

Don't know what to wear back to school? Here at Glik's we've got you covered. Read this blog to know our favorite back to school staples and more. We are so excited to share what items we love and cant wait to see how you style it!

Four Trends You’ll Want to Hop On Board for in Fall 2022

Once it hits August, summer starts to feel like it’s coming to an end. We all start looking forward to fall, and some cooler weather. One thought that never fails to cross our mind is fall fashion. With all the trends that there have been this year, what can we expect for fall? Here are four trends you’ll want to hop on board for in Fall 2022!

Bags & Totes You Need

Bags and Totes are an everyday accessory. Rather its going to school, going for a walk, or packing for your next trip. Here at Gliks we have any type of bag you are looking for! Shop online or hop into one of own stores to get your new favorite bag today.

Men's Denim Jeans - The Best of The Best

Glik’s is your denim destination for both women and men which is why I want to highlight some of our best-selling men’s denim brands, the different fits and styles of men’s jeans we carry, and additional sizing tips to help you pick out the perfect pair this fall and winter.

Trend Alert: Pretty in Pink

Pink is definitely a lady’s color. Which is why we are SO excited that it has become a huge trend in 2022. Seen on influencers like Kim Kardashian, it is the hottest color of the year. Wanting to add a splash of pink to you closet? Here are some ways to incorporate pink into your wardrobe.

Women's Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are such a staple in everybody's closest during summer time. Women's Denim shorts come in many different styles and designs. Here at Gliks we have what you are looking for. See the different styles and brands right here!

Brand Spotlight: Hey Dude Shoes

Shop Hey Dude Shoes for Women, Men, and Kids at! Looking for a comfy, casual pair of shoes this season? These Hey Dudes are affordable, lightweight, and comfortable shoes to take you through any adventure.

Platform Sandals are Here to Stay

Loving the platform shoe trend? So are we! Here are some of our favorite platform sandals you need to complete your summer wardrobe. I'm here to highlight our favorite platforms brands and tell you why we are obsessed with women's platform sandals. You can see what will match best with the platform sandals and all the platform styles right here !

The Western Trend

Western fashion trends are being seen all year-round, making it a must have for all the cowgirls at heart! I’m here to show you some of the best western wear trends and how to style western pieces in your everyday wardrobe.

Men's Brands We Love

Men care about how they dress almost as much as women do. With not as many choices, men's fashion varies and different brands usually carry the same old button down shirtbottoms, and shoes. Although, there are those men who like to add something new to their closet. Here are 4 men’s brands we love and we know you will too!

5 Items You Need To Pack For Vacation

It’s that time of the year again where we are all booking those summer getaways. The thought of the salty air, sun, & sand between our toes has us wishing we were already there. But first, it’s time to plan and pack to make sure we have all the vacation necessities. Here’s our top 5 items you need to pack in your suitcase for vacation. 

New to the Buying Team: Welcome Jeremy!

Meet Jeremy Glik, a 5th generation member of the Glik family who has joined the Glik company in early 2022 to work alongside his family members. Learn more about Jeremy's background, current role, and what his walkout song would be. We are so excited to see what Jeremy has to bring to Glik’s!

Basic Clothing Every Woman Needs

Trends come and go but basics are forever! Whether you’re building a capsule wardrobe or just looking for a few basic items to keep in your closet, it really all comes down to the basics.

How To Style a Hair Scarf

2022 is full of 90s nostalgia, and our favorite comeback pieces are hair accessories! From butterfly clips, hair barrettes to claw clips, our current favorite is hair scarves. Hair scarves have been around for centuries, but this time around they are better than ever! Grab a beverage of choice, sit back, and we will show you all the fun ways to elevate your hair scarf game. From how to style silk scarves in your hair to how to make hair scarves into a trendy new top, we have you covered!

Brand Spotlight: La Miel Clothing

We are all about up and coming brands! When it comes to La Miel Clothing, we knew it was a brand we had to get our hands on. Aiming towards junior’s/women’s fashion, this trendy brand gives women the chance to express themselves year round. Carrying everything from on-trend fashion items to everyday fashion items, it is a brand to be worn year round! With so much to love about this brand, we just cannot get enough!