Fashion Forward

Curbside Pick-up & Opening Store Details!

We are so excited to announce that some of our stores have finally been able to start offering a shopping experience for their communities again! Curbside Service and Safety-First In-Store Shopping are now our new norm, but we are happy that it offers us a chance to see our customers that we've been missing this past month. ❤ We hope you'll get the chance to join us if you're able. Want to know all the details on these new services? Keep reading!

Vervet Jeans: Brand Spotlight

It's hard to believe that it is already May, which means it almost summertime! What's also crazy, is how trendy and up-trending denim still is- even when the temperatures are starting to rise. So, our buyers are working hard and making sure to have our website stocked with men's and women's denim! But today, we are here to talk about one of our women's denim brands: Vervet Jeans. 

We Miss Our Communities!

At each and every one of our stores, we have amazing associates that take the time to build lasting bonds with their customers & their local communities. During this time of forced isolation, the general consensus from our Glik's family is that this separation from their stores has been a struggle! To not see the people that they've formed friendships with while they've worked with our company has been heartbreaking. This time is causing us all to find more and more ways to connect and reach out through social media, so that we won't lose these bonds that we've built. We want to be a light of positivity and love; a welcoming place to be even though we can only experience this connection through social media. 

Let's Talk About Shoes!

Let's talk about one of our favorite topics: Shoes! We know lately you maybe haven't been able to give as much love to your shoe babies as you'd like, but that doesn't stop you from assessing your shoe collection and adding another pair (or two) to your closet! We have been receiving new shoes almost DAILY and y'all are completely loving them. So, we thought we should hop on and give an overview of our shoe brands we carry on 😊

Working From Home Outfit Inspiration

A lot of things are different now, even down to our daily attire! We’ve found ourselves reaching for easy-going looks over anything else since we’re mostly showcasing our outfits in the living room. But some of us still have to be seen through the internet, whether that be on zoom with work or school, on facetime or skype with the family, on TikTok while you’re posting your videos from home, or hanging out on snapchat and Instagram live with your friends. So, we’ve compiled a little WFH, SFH, or just plain old Quarantine timeline outfit inspiration for those of us who want to keep things fresh and new.

Keepin' it Cute on Zoom: A Quick Tutorial

Whether you’re using Zoom for work, for class, to keep up with your fam and friends or stay connected with your church, a LOT more people are getting comfortable with this platform lately. We wanted to share a few tips and tricks for how to have a little fun with this video communication platform! Want to touch up your appearance? DONE. Want to pretend that you are video-chatting from space? DONE.  Keep reading to find out how…

How to Style Graphic Tees

One of our favorite trends of 2019-2020 has been graphic tees.  We seriously can’t get enough of them and know that you can’t either! They are super comfortable, versatile, and give off the ultimate cool-girl factor. In our opinion, everyone needs to own a graphic tee (or four). What’s a graphic tee, you ask? They are just a step-up from your regular old basic tee and provide your outfit a little more pizzazz. Featuring screen-printed designs of objects and sayings, it’s all about letting your tee do the talking all while expressing your mood, style, and overall, YOURSELF. 

How to Repurpose Candles

A lot of us are stuck at home these days with so much extra time on our hands that we're not used to! In order to pass the time, I've been looking for activities that are fun, don't involve screens, and don't cost any money. If you've been craving something like that as well, and if you also have a bunch of old, burnt-out candles at home, this DIY blog is perfect for you! We're going to show you how to take those useless candle jars and turn them into something new in just a few easy steps.

Things to Do at Home While Practicing Social Distancing

Hi all! During this scary time of the global pandemic of COVID-19 with lots of unknowns and unanswered questions, we wanted to turn to our outlet of blog posts-- which, I’m sure most of you are turning towards the Internet and Social Platforms as well. We are all in this together and we will get through this tough and trying time!

New to the Buying Team: Victoria!

Hello! We wanted to introduce you all to one of the newest members of our Home Office family, Victoria Johnston. Victoria is from Glen Carbon, IL which is super close to our HQ. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Design & Marketing, which is perfect for her buying position! She is currently the Senior Assistant Buyer for Women’s Bottoms, Women’s Outerwear, Women’s Athletic, and State Specific Merchandise.

Our Groundbreaking Story

OUR HOME OFFICE IS MOVING, & we’re taking our distribution and fulfillment center along for the ride!!! Glik’s HQ has happily lived in Granite City, Illinois for the past 50+ years, and we are thankful for the friendships and for all the support we’ve received in Madison County through the years. However, we are ready to reach towards something new because we’ve outgrown our current office space! 

Qupid Shoes: Brand Spotlight

A new season means.. NEW SHOES. 💗 The temperatures are starting to rise, the sun is coming out to play, and daylight is literally getting longer, so it must mean it's time to bust out those sandals! One of our top shoe vendors, Qupid Shoes, always provides us with cute and quality shoes throughout the year. 

New to the Buying Team: Courtney!

We have been having so much fun getting to know the newest members of our Home Office buying team! Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to Courtney Dorsey, our newest Junior’s Assistant Buyer. Courtney helps to keep us on the front-line of fashion in Juniors Tops & Dresses, and we are so excited to have her on our team. She knows the needs our average customer on a personal level because she grew up in Bethalto, Illinois. Courtney also graduated from Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville with a Business Management Degree, and has always had a love for fashion. With her small-town background, and her edgy personal style, she was the perfect missing piece for our buying team, and we already love what she’s been able to add to our sales floors!

Style Blog: How to Style Mom Jeans

Hi there! We haven’t done a style blog for you in quite some time, so we thought we would hop on and show you a few simple, ultra-cute outfits. ☺ Today, the spotlight is on a new pair of mom jeans all of our stores have received from Eunina Jeans (& they are under $50!!!). We’ve put together 3 outfits for you that are perfect for transitioning into spring! These pieces are super fashionable, affordable, and versatile. (I mean, what more could you ask for?) From running errands to date night, we wanted to show you just how great one pair of denim jeans can be so that you will want to wear them with every single look throughout the seasons!

Valentine's Day Movie Night Ideas

If you're looking for a cheap date for you and your SO (or you and your girls!) we recommend opting in for a night on the couch, all cuddled up with a classic cinema love story. Thanks to all of today's streaming services, we have so many opportunities to find AMAZING movies and TV shows that are perfect for celebrating this cheesy holiday with the people you love most. However, we're a little partial to the classics! So we've compiled our favorites so you can pick one and then cruze right along to popcorn and snuggles and get started with your movie-night-in!