Fashion Forward

Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic

What is the coastal cowgirl aesthetic? Keep reading to learn more about this new beachy-chic fashion trend and how to create the perfect coastal cowgirl outfit!

Brand Spotlight: Matisse Footwear

Matisse Footwear is our favorite women’s lifestyle, shoe brand this year! Making quality and fashion forward shoes for the modern woman, keep reading to learn more about all the amazing collections and styles Matisse has to offer.

Brand Spotlight: SOREL

Fashion and functionality are at the core of Sorel Shoes! This amazing shoe brand focuses on creating quality all-season footwear. Keep reading to learn more about this powerful brand, what type of Sorel shoes Glik's has to offer, and Sorel sizing recommendations.

How To Wear HEYDUDE Shoes

So, the real question is, how do you create an outfit to coordinate with those comfortable and stylish HEYDUDE Shoes? Well, you are in luck because below you will find inspiration outfits for Men’s Hey Dudes, as well as for Women’s Hey Dudes!



Brand Spotlight: Dr. Martens

The iconic Dr. Martens brand, or Doc Martens as many call it, has been around for over a century and continues to be a staple in many people’s closets. So, why are Doc Martens so popular? Continue reading to hear all about this icon of a brand from how to style Dr. Martens, Dr. Martens sizing, and how to clean Dr. Martens.

Brand Spotlight: Birkenstock

Birkenstock offers premium quality shoes for women, men, and kids. You can shop their classic sandal or clog style shoes, comfy socks, and other accessories. Learn more about the styles of Birkenstocks Glik's carries as well as the signature contoured footbed and sizing chart.

Brand Spotlight: HEYDUDE Shoes

Shop HEYDUDE Shoes for Women, Men, and Kids at! Looking for a comfy, casual pair of shoes this season? These Hey Dudes are affordable, lightweight, and comfortable shoes to take you through any adventure.

Platform Sandals are Here to Stay

Loving the platform shoe trend? So are we! Here are some of our favorite platform sandals you need to complete your summer wardrobe. I'm here to highlight our favorite platforms brands and tell you why we are obsessed with women's platform sandals. You can see what will match best with the platform sandals and all the platform styles right here !

The Western Trend

Western fashion trends are being seen all year-round, making it a must have for all the cowgirls at heart! I’m here to show you some of the best western wear trends and how to style western pieces in your everyday wardrobe.

Basic Clothing Every Woman Needs

Trends come and go but basics are forever! Whether you’re building a capsule wardrobe or just looking for a few basic items to keep in your closet, it really all comes down to the basics.

What Are the Top Fashion Trends for 2022?

Check out our list of the top fashion trends of 2022 and choose which ones you want to try this year! From color blocking to regencycore, there is a trend for you. Look and feel your best in the best fashion trends this 2022.💗

How to Style Sneakers?

Trying to decide how to style sneakers this fall? Read the 4 best ways to style your favorite sneakers into fall and winter with these adorable sneaker outfits! From casual looks to dressy vibes, you'll find them all at!

What Will the Trends be for Fall 2021?

Summer has started to slip away and fall is on the horizon! Starbucks has introduced fall flavors, Target has put out autumnal décor, and you may live in a place where you can feel a hint of fall in the air. All these endearing things about fall raise a very pertinent question, what will be the fall trends for 2021?  Today we want to lay out the top fall trends for this season, all of which you can buy at Glik's! 

Trending Boot Styles - Fall 2021

What are the top boot trends for fall 2021, you might ask? Different styles, colors, and heights are popping up just in time for fall, so we wanted to give you a quick rundown of the trending boot styles you’ll be seeing. 

How to Clean HEYDUDE Shoes

You may wonder, how do you clean HEYDUDE Shoes?? We have the perfect tutorial for you with this How to Clean Hey Dude Shoes blog with 8 easy steps. Check out our entire HEYDUDE Shoes collection at!

Everyday Monochromatic Looks

Wearing one color does not have to be boring! Monochromatic fashion is finding its way into everyone’s closets this year, and we are loving it. Styling an outfit with the same color hue by using different textures or shades, provides an overall chic, tonal look that will have everyone talking. I’m here to show you how to create that monochrome look in your everyday wardrobe along with a few ideas of what colors best suit the monochrome trend!

What Your Enneagram Type Says About Your Style

Fashion gives us a glimpse into your personality without saying anything, so you have the perfect opportunity to express your true self! I’m here to give you a little help on your personal style by providing specific styles, pieces, or colors that would work best with your personality type, specifically enneagram type.