What Your Enneagram Type Says About Your Style

What Your Enneagram Type Says About Your StyleWhen trying to find your own personal style, it’s important to hone in on who you are as a person. Fashion gives us a glimpse into your personality without saying anything, so you have the perfect opportunity to express your true self. I’m here to give you a little help on your personal style by providing specific styles, pieces, or colors that would work best with your personality type, specifically enneagram type. The Enneagram is a system of personality typing that describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions. It includes 9 types with an individual having a primary personality type and a “wing” which is a related personality style an individual also possesses. To find out which enneagram type you are, take this short quiz by Truity here.

Now that you know your enneagram type, we can dive into your go-to style! The styles below will give you some insight into what your personal fashion journey could look like based on your personality. It’s such a fun and effortless way to experiment with your style, so try out a few of your favorite looks today!


What Your Enneagram Type Says About Your Style1. The Reformer – Rational, Idealistic Type

A perfectionist and rational thinker, you tend to stick with classic styles. Matching head to toe is a must, and I should NEVER see a wrinkle or stain in spot. Stay put together with a matching two-piece set, some squeaky white sneakers, and accented accessories.

Your Enneagram Color: White – neutral, clean, yet versatile with all

What Your Enneagram Type Says About Your Style2. The Helper – Caring, Interpersonal Type

Spending most of your time on others, picking your personal style is not necessarily your top priority, therefore flattering, versatile pieces are your game. Neutrals and staples are at the forefront of your closet like a Ginger G cardigan, comfy brami, and skinny jeans.

Your Enneagram Color: Lavendar – serene, light, and happy

What Your Enneagram Type Says About Your Style3. The Achiever – Success-Oriented, Pragmatic Type

Playing with textures and prints and always searching for the latest trends, the Achiever is heading towards fashion “success”. Being bold and brave in your personality comes out in your style. Grab your favorite statement dress or cow print flares along with gold jewelry for the perfect look!

Your Enneagram Color: Purple – royal, driven, and magical

What Your Enneagram Type Says About Your Style4. The Individualist – Sensitive, Withdrawn Type

Born to stand out! Edgy, flirty, and vintage styles combine together in your wardrobe. You know your style and reach for all the floral/patterns/prints available. A timeless denim jacket, statement blouse, combat boots, and a knit tennis skirt. Is it too much? Nope, never for you.

Your Enneagram Color: Blue – unique, bold, yet classic

What Your Enneagram Type Says About Your Style5. The Investigator – Intense, Cerebral Type

Miss Independent! Your personal style embodies your fierce and fabulous self, making you throw on bold patterns or pieces without a thought. A slip dress, wide brim hat, and ALLL the shoes your heart desires.

Your Enneagram Color: Green – compelling, nature inspired, and free

What Your Enneagram Type Says About Your Style6. The Loyalist – Committed, Security-Oriented Type

A more reserved and secure style, the Loyalist sticks to conservative fashion choices rather than the latest fads. Basics and athleisure wear will make you feel comfortable wherever you go. Pair a basic tee or cami with ripped jeans and slip-on sandals.

Your Enneagram Color: Yellow – joyful, positive, and a friend

What Your Enneagram Type Says About Your Style7. The Enthusiast – Busy, Fun-Loving Type

A bright, colorful style to match a bright, colorful personality. The Enthusiast strives to show off their eclectic and adventurous sides with their fashion choices. Have a fun jumpsuit moment complete with statement earrings and platform sneakers!

Your Enneagram Color: Orange – bright, cheerful, and the pop of color to take any outfit to the next level

What Your Enneagram Type Says About Your Style8. The Challenger – Powerful, Dominating Type

As the name themselves, the Challenger takes risks in their closet by changing up their wardrobe with the times and/or their own lifestyle. Ever evolving and a mentor for other fashionistas, they are truly the trendsetters. I’d go with a textured shacket, boyfriend jeans, and cow print bodysuit to really make the outfit pop.

Your Enneagram Color: Red – electric, eye-catching, and goes with everything

What Your Enneagram Type Says About Your Style9. The Peacemaker – Easygoing, Self-Effacing Type

No flashy or bold statements needed for the Peacemaker. A go-with-the-flow type of personality, your minimalist looks are just what you are. Go with a simple high-waisted denim, graphic tee (for a lil something), and practical crossbody purse.

Your Enneagram Color: Pink – cute, chill, and cheeky

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