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The iconic Dr. Martens brand, or Doc Martens as many call it, has been around for over a century and continues to be a staple in many people’s closets. So, why are Doc Martens so popular, you might ask? Dr. Martens are known for their distinctive style, comfortable and durable silhouettes, and symbolize attitude and empowerment. They have a strong appeal to anyone who thrives on self-expression and individualism. From women to men, this once modest work wear boot has turned into a culturally relevant brand for all. You can continue reading to hear all about this icon of a brand from how to style Dr. Martens, Dr. Martens sizing, and how to clean Dr. Martens.

Dr. Martens footwear began with their original boot style, the 1460 Dr. Martens boot, an eight-holed boot design that originated in the 1960s. Since then, Doc Martens has also evolved into Chelsea boots, platform sandals, and Mary Jane shoes. Some of our favorites are the Blaire leather sandals and 2976 Chelsea boots. Their shoe styles include classic black and white as well as other fun colors and limited prints. Dr. Martens has kept their iconic design throughout the decades while still adopting a diverse group of customers.

Dr. Martens Boots

Since Dr. Martens is all about your personal style and identity, there are so many ways to style Dr. Martens from our great selection at! For the 1460 boot and other boot styles, try straight leg denim and a chunky sweater in the cooler months and cut off denim shorts and a graphic tee when the weather warms up. As for the Doc Martens sandals, pair a midi dress or fun pants and a tank top to complete the look. However you style your Dr. Martens shoes, you’re sure to be a style icon.

Dr. Martens Sandals

With all the great styles of Dr. Martens available, you need to know what size Doc Martens to get. Dr. Martens from Glik’s are available in US sizing. They only offer whole sizes, so if you are a half size, it is recommended to size down. Fits may vary with different styles; for example, the women’s sizes tend to be narrower than unisex/men’s sizing (products on our website will state women’s, men’s, or kids).

Dr. Martens Women's Size Guide

Dr. Martens Men's Size Guide

Dr. Martens are a year-round go-to for us, so be sure to check out our new arrivals daily to see the trending and classic Dr. Martens styles offered at Made like no other shoe on Earth, you need a Dr. Marten in your life!


Dr. Martens Cleaning Tip

Dr. Martens boots are meant to last. You’re bound to get them a lil dirty, so how to clean Dr. Martens is a good thing to know. Most of their boot styles are leather, so it’s important to have the correct materials to clean them. All you need is a cloth, water, shoe brush, and a bottle of leather cleaner. Make sure to remove any excess dirt with a damp cloth, dry, and remove your shoelaces to clean separately. Now, spray your boots with the leather cleaner for a smooth, even coating. Then, grab your brush and start buffing. Re-lace your boots and *Voila* good as new!

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