How To Wear A Claw Clip

How To Wear A Claw ClipClaw clips are taking the world by storm because of their versatility to styling hair in many different ways. But, you’re probably thinking, “Glik’s, how do I wear a claw clip?” Well, you are in luck because we know a thing or two about fashion, so we are going to give you the tips and tricks to get the most styles from of your beloved claw clip!

First, when choosing a claw clip, you want to choose the right one for your hair type. For instance, if you have thin hair, a medium claw clip would do the job. But, if you have thick hair, a large claw clip would be your best bet. One of our favorite claw clip brands is Teleties! The claw clip from Teleties is made with a bendable material to provide a comfortable and safe grip to your hair for optimal comfort and style.

The Classic Look

The most popular way to style a claw clip is by collecting your hair, as you would for a ponytail, then twist it and pull the hair up.  Finally add the clip towards the bottom of your head and style the hair hanging out to go over the clip. One way to change this style is to include the hair hanging out of the top of the clip, and folding it back into the clip. This way it is a new, sophisticated look taken from an old style.

How To Wear A Claw Clip The Classic Look

 The Trendy Look

There are two more styles that are going to rock your claw clip world! Next, we have the claw clip ponytail. All you do for this style is collect your hair like you would to put it into a low ponytail, but clip the claw clip on the ponytail, instead of using a ponytail holder. Lastly, our final style is a half up half down style. For this hairstyle, you are going to split the top and bottom portion of your hair. Then collect the top portion of the hair together and use the claw clip to hold the top portion in place.

How To Wear A Claw Clip The Trendy Look

All these styles are perfect for any occasion! In addition to the multiple hairstyles, you can also shake up your claw clip collection by having multiple sizes, colors, and patterns. So, you will always have a claw clip to match any outfit! At Glik’s, we sell a wide variety of patterns, colors, and sizes of claw clips that are perfect for any claw clip style! So why not hop on the trend, and start your claw clip collection today at your local Glik’s or!

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