Rom Com Core: A New and Favorite Trend for 2023

Rom Come Core: A New and Favorite Trend for 2023

Fashion is always changing; bringing back styles from the past or creating new trends that take over the world by storm. In 2023, we are seeing more styles from the past that mimic a beloved movie genre: Romantic Comedies or Rom Coms. Movies like Mean Girls, 13 Going on 30, Clueless and so many others had a huge impact on fashion during the 90s and 2000s. These popular looks were seen on the runway, red carpet and on the street, and no one would judge anyone for what they were wearing. Today, these trendy 90s/2000s looks are back in a bigger way, but which ones do you love or love to hate? Let’s look at some of the best styles of the Rom Com Core trend!

Rom Com Core: Tops & Dresses

Some of the most memorable styles from Rom Coms were the dresses worn by Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30 and Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Slip dresses were and still are a fun way to spice up you wardrobe. Short, midi, or maxi, slip dresses aren’t going anywhere.

When it came to tops, the shorter the top the better. The 90s/2000s were all about showing off your midsection in either a baby tee or tube top and low-rise bottoms. It was and still is a basic look for everyday wear, styling however you like. Britney Spears rocked the cropped tees and low-rise jeans look and today, she still does!

Rom Com Core: Bottoms

When you think of Rom Com Core skirts, your mind might go to the mini skirts worn in Mean Girls and the iconic plaid mini skirt set in Clueless. Mini skirts came in numerous different designs, prints, and colors so you could have one for everyday of the week. And to make your legs look longer, adding a pair of heels really elevates the look.

Low-rise jeans and cargo pants; you love to hate them. Anything low-rise was thought to never make a comeback, but because of Rom Com Core and Y2K trend, it’s back to stay. Since its return, everyone has been giving their opinions about low-rise jeans making their comeback. Cargo pants on the other hand are receiving the praise low-rise jeans may never see again.

Rom Com Core: Accessories

Whether it’s a coffee run or going out with friends, your outfit always needs an accessory to go along with it. We have seen influencers on Instagram and TikTok embracing Rom Com Core with their hairstyles and accessories. Bringing back butterfly and claw clips, mini sunglasses and compact purses are just a few of the accessory comebacks we are loving.

Rom Com Core: Shoes

Your closet never has enough shoes nor does it have enough space to hold all your shoes. And with Rom Com Core, the chunkier the better. Mary Janes, dad sneakers and peep toe shoes are great styles for year-round wear and can be styled however you like. Chunky styles and platforms are what it is about right now, and they are here to stay. Adding short socks or tights to accessorize elevates your shoe game by 100%.

Rom Com Core is the new and favorite trend of 2023. We obviously haven’t forgotten about Barbiecore, Balletcore, and other trends that have emerged within the last year. However, when you’re walking on the street or looking though Instagram and TikTok, you might be feeling nostalgic seeing these 90s/2000s looks back in action. Check out or check out your local Glik’s to see what Rom Com Core styles we carry!

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