Back to School: Styles you Need to Stand Out

Back to School: Styles you Need to Stand Out

With summer coming to an end, that could only mean one thing… school is back in session! For some students, it means reuniting with their friends and getting ready for their school sports and extracurriculars. While other students dread waking up early in the morning to go sit and learn about stuff, they “may never use again” once they graduate. However, the best part of going back to school is showing off you new wardrobe you bought for the school year. Both men and women or boys and girls go shopping with or without their parents to find the perfect first day look or picture day outfit. But with all the trends and styles, how do you know what will stand out at school? Here are some styles and trends that will definitely make you stand out this school year.

Women's Back to School Styles

When it comes to back-to-school shopping, women will take it to the next level. They spend time looking through Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok finding the best styles and trends for the season. One trend that will be taking the halls by storm is the cropped puffer vest. What became super popular in Fall 2022 is back for another season. Possibly the must have style of Fall, this can easily be paired with a basic long sleeve and denim for an everyday look. Shackets and sweaters are never going away, and with our selection, you can style them however you like. Shackets can easily be paired with a basic brami or tank top so you can leave your shacket open instead of buttoned up. Upgrade any style with the perfect pair of shoes and an accessory. Belt bags and sling bags are perfect to carry your smaller items like your phone and car keys, while backpacks will be a must have to carry your books.

Men's Back to School Styles

Although it may seem that men aren’t excited for back to school shopping, they want to make an impression as much as women do while roaming the halls. With a good pair of denim, you can achieve any and every look you want. As denim goes with everything, you can reach for anything to wear on top and you will be ready to go. From flannels to hoodies, the style and comfort are there while sitting in the classroom. Not into wearing jeans all day long? Grab a pair of joggers and a hoodie or t-shirt for a relaxed look. But don’t be too comfortable, you don’t want to fall asleep in class! Any men’s look needs a good pair of shoes, so you might as well grab a pair of HEYDUDE to go with too.

Going back to school can be stressful, we have all been there. The nerves of entering a new grade with new teachers, the possibility of not having class with your friends. The list goes on. But with the negatives, there are also positives with going back to school. Getting closer to graduate, growing up and maturing, learning about yourself, and most importantly… shopping for new clothes! Check out your local Glik’s or shop online at to find the styles you want for back to school.

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