Brand Spotlight: Axel Jeans

Brand Spotlight: Axel Jeans - Read MoreWhat is THE clothing essential all men need in their closet year-round? You guessed it; Jeans. Men’s jeans are the one piece of clothing that no matter the style, fit or wash, they can be worn for just about everything. Axel Jeans provides exactly what you are looking for in a pair. Designed for men and boys, Axel Jeans is made for comfort and style, plus have super affordable prices. These jeans are favored by many, and we want everyone to be able to say how much they LOVE their pair of Axel Jeans.

Men's and Boys Axel Jeans

Axel Jeans was launched just over 10 years ago in 2013. With heritage-inspired washes and back pockets with unique stitching designs, this brand gives hometown men and boys comfortable fits of jeans. Whether you like your jeans slim fitting or bootcut, there is going to be a style for everyone. Made of cotton, spandex and sometimes other materials, they aren’t stiff so they move with you. Men from all ages can’t get enough of these jeans, and the boys’ styles are same! Those little ones can’t stop wearing those same old lounge pants everywhere you go, but a pair of Axel Jeans is the perfect solution. From size 8 to 18, there are enough sizes for boys until they are ready for the men’s sizes. Axel Jeans is the brand that grows with boys that turn into men.

If there is one thing we know about jeans, we know that there is always a need for them. Shop or check out your local Glik’s store to grab your first or tenth pair of Axel Jeans.

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