Classic Fall Prints and Fabrics You Can't Go Without

Classic Fall Prints & Fabrics You Can't Go Without

Fall is finally in the air! After a long, hot summer, everyone is excited to swap out their Summer wardrobe for Fall. It’s the season of football, Halloween, bonfires and more activities that scream Fall. But with Fall, comes colder weather, early sunsets, and some of the most timeless fashion trends that seem to never go away year after year. Even though there are other fashion trends this Fall, we can never forget about the basics. Plaid, corduroy, and sherpa are huge fall pieces that you can’t go without for Fall.

Plaid Styles You Can't Go Without

When you think of Fall fashion, your mind may automatically go to plaid and flannels. A forever staple, plaid can be done in so many different ways. A classic Fall look involves women simply tying their flannel around their waist with basics and boots or the trendy Birkenstock Boston Clog. Plaid is easy to layer with either a basic tee underneath or a vest for a more transitional look. In all types of colors, plaid can be the main piece of your outfit, or just as an accessory.

Corduroy Styles You Can't Go Without

What is corduroy and why do you need it your closet, you may ask. Corduroy has been around for a long time and every Fall, is styled in bigger and better ways. Corduroy was once looked at as quirky, but has since grown in popularity with both men and women adding it to their Fall wardrobe.  With so many different ways to style corduroy, it can be a heavier and thicker material which makes it perfect for cooler Fall days.

Sherpa Styles You Can't Go Without

As it gets colder and Fall begins to transition to Winter, sherpa is the perfect soft and cozy material to keep you warm. With this thick, sheep like material, it makes a great outwear piece for days where it is cold in the morning, warm during the day and cold again at night. Certain styles have a sherpa lining to keep you extra warm on those days where full sherpa outwear may be too much.

With these styles in full swing now that Fall has arrived, check out or your local Glik’s store to see what styles of these trends they carry.

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