The Shoe You Need for Every Look


Whether you consider your style more prepster or bohemian or somewhere in between, you cannot deny that Outwoods Bork shoes don’t fit perfectly in with your wardrobe! The Bork shoes by Outwoods are some of the most transitional shoes that a girl can have in her closet. With a cork style bottom, a faux leather straps, and a SUPER affordable price point, these Borks by Outwoods are the dream shoe!

Let’s talk more about the ways you can incorporate these sandals into literally every look.


Let’s start with the obvious, they look great with your classic t-shirt and jeans look. This look is simple and never out of place for your cool girl style.  These shoes will also fit in perfectly with all your prep branded tees or a comfy Sherpa pullover for a transitional style.


Pair these sandals with your rompers and dresses to give you a more relaxed vibe and a very put together care free style. Pair your look with a coordinating bag and you’ll be comfy and stylish.


For days where you wake up and want to rock the boho look, these shoes pair wonderfully with the THML embroidered tops and dresses.


Borks also make a great transitional piece into your fall weather wardrobe. These shoes will keep you keep your outfits effortless as you start adding more layers, cardigans, longer tees, and jeans.

Go ahead and add some Outwoods Bork to your shoe collection!  Be sure to let us know some of your favorite ways to wear these adorable sandals!

The Shoe You Need for Every Look

Glik’s Celebrates 117 years of Business

Sometimes, bigger isn’t always better.

Jeff Glik himself would agree, especially in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of fashion. After 117 years of business, Glik’s continues to grow and evolve in the hands of the 4th generation of the Glik family. President/CEO Jeff Glik and Vice President James Glik oversee over 60 stores in 9 states with new stores opening every season.

Photo Oct 02, 1 27 42 PM


Family owned since Joseph Glik sold merchandise from a horse drawn wagon almost 130 years ago, Glik’s Clothing Store was founded in 1897 when Joseph’s son, Morris, opened a small menswear store on North Broadway in St. Louis, MO.5GlrKaUUSHZoVPNIMLr3CUu687YYNudfxQVO8nklVYQ u9AhNWhlKUvAH0u1tHxYojhMBn32sfI9Te4N7R3gemk,a8BrhwLHpBlhVWcp0ej3lfdu04pQC4edgepFzQyTSug

Photo Oct 02, 1 28 49 PM



A lot has changed in 117 years, but this family business proved to be tenacious and adaptable to overcome the hardships of the Depression and the changes of the suburban lifestyle. Like a chameleon, Glik’s has adapted and changed to suit the customers’ needs over the years. Morris’s son and 3rd generation operator Joseph Glik created the foundation of how the company operates today. Bigger than a specialty store but more personal than a department store, Glik’s offers customers small town service and big city fashion.



Because of the amazing associates past and present, vendors, communities, and most of all the customers, Glik’s has become a rarity in the retail world. When awarded the Illinois Family Business of the Year Award last November, it was said that only 3% of family businesses survive to the 4th generation. Because of the loyal customers and the employees’ support and sense of pride, the Glik’s family of stores continues to grow every year.


Today the Glik’s family is a large one with over 450 employees company-wide. Celebrate 117 years with us at your local Glik’s store or online at

Photo Oct 02, 3 31 44 PM

Take a walk down memory lane with us!

Photo Oct 02, 2 18 46 PM



What was HOT: Then vs. Now

gliks-whats hot now

We still Twinkie it!

gliks employees then and now

Ringing sales like a Boss!


Merchandising Then

Photo Oct 02, 1 26 18 PM Photo Oct 02, 1 26 06 PM

Photo Oct 02, 1 25 57 PM

Photo Oct 02, 1 24 21 PM

Merchandising Now







Employee Style Then

Photo Oct 02, 1 24 36 PM

Photo Oct 02, 1 25 31 PM

Photo Oct 02, 1 26 42 PM

Employee Style Now




And they still do!

Photo Oct 02, 1 27 30 PM

Glik’s Celebrates 117 years of Business

{Speed Racer} Men’s Fox.

Fox is a globally renowned brand that offers amazing quality and performance merchandise. A family owned business since its humble beginnings, Fox Racing has quickly risen to the top of the industry.

Moto-X Fox was launched by founder Geoff Fox as a small distribution business for European motocross bikes in Northern California in 1974. Two years later, the company expanded and began to manufacture high-performance suspension and engine components for racers.

In 1977, Team Moto-X Fox was created. They met with success early on, with their riders taking the top five in their first year. Beyond that, Team Moto-X Fox impressed American motocross fans in a way that was not initially intended. Wearing bright red, yellow, and orange race suits that were hand-made by Fox, they became an instant hit; enthusiasts and fans feverishly contacted Moto-X Fox for availability.

Fox Racing has become the world’s leading motocross apparel brand, going on to sponsor, support, and work with some of the best motocross riders in the world. Since its inception, Fox Racing has been committed to developing the finest sports gear, apparel, accessories, footwear, and sunglasses with the racer in mind. Dominating the motocross scene, MX riders now look to Fox for innovative designs.

Fox Racing has become an international leader in the action sports and sportswear industry, going far beyond its initial focus of motocross, but branching out to BMX, MTB, skateboarding, surfing, and wakeboarding.

With professional athletes endorsing the Fox Racing head logo, Fox Racing has become a household name and will continue to be a staple for the racing and action sports industry. By embracing its family owned values and grassroots tradition, Fox Racing transcends the industry and will continue to create products with the highest quality, performance, and design.

Shop Fox Racing for Men in stores & at

{Speed Racer} Men’s Fox.

{Neon} Blinded By The Bright.

If there was one predominant trend saturating the runway during Fashion Week in New York, it had to be NEON. Vibrant colors in general are huge for Spring 2012, but the hues most designers fell in love with were bright and bold NEON’S. Although neon is often used as an accent color, this season you will find neon tops, neon dresses, neon skirts, neon shoes, and neon accessories.

So say hello to the 80’s because they are officially back! Okay, so you haven’t sported neon in over 20 years? Worried about looking as though you stepped out of a Boy George video? All you need to do is work these colors in your outfits properly, so it looks interesting and not too flamboyant. We have you covered!

Neon Fashion Tip #1: Start Off Small

If you are a little uneasy as to how to work these bright colors in your closet, why not start off small? Work a bright pink neon tank into your casual Friday look, or wear neon colored jewelry to your trustworthy black attire. For example, wearing a sexy little black dress tonight? Skip the basic black pumps and work in neon blue pumps. Wearing neon colored accessories will add a hint of color and personality to any outfit. For even a smaller start, paint on some summer color on your nails instead of the normal pales and pastels.

Neon Fashion Tip #2: Shy Away From Accessories

When you are wearing a brightly colored fluorescent top, it is typically protocol to keep the accessories minimal. Bright clothing with overly bright accessories will look too chaotic. Another good tip is to avoid matching the same accessory color with the same color in your outfit. Stay away from neon orange jewelry, shoes or purses when you’re already wearing a neon orange dress. Simple!

Neon Fashion Tip #3: Bring in the Neutral Colors

When wearing a bright colored shirt or a bright colored skirt, it is best to try to pair the item with a neutral color. Don’t try to work a neon top with a neon bottom. Instead wear neon bottoms with a white blouse. Black also looks super fab with vibrant hues. When you’re wearing a neon pink dress, work in your favorite black pumps or sandals instead of wearing pink on your tootsies. The neutral colors will help balance out your look.

Depending on your body shape, neon can be less attention grabbing on either the bottom or the top. Experts recommend trying out several different styles and colors before deciding on what works best on you!

Remember: Don’t be afraid of color embrace it! Color can be very flirty and fun, so start shopping! There are many ways to work neon into your closet; check out a Glik’s store nearest you or for the hottest new styles of neon.

{Neon} Blinded By The Bright.

{Jeggings} Ways to Wear Them.

After knowing what jeggings are, and making the vow to find them in every color, you might need some tips on how to style them! There are several different looks that you can create with jeggings by pairing them with different styles of tops, footwear and accessories.

To Look Cool…
If you want to sport a cool, casual look, wear jeggings with a loose, long top. Wear a beaded necklace, a pair of ballet flats and carry an over-sized hobo bag. You can wear this look on the daily no matter if you heading to class or on your next trip to the market!

To Look Hot…
If you are blessed with a good figure, wear your jeggings with sky-high platform pumps, an statement clutch and a silk dolman top tucked in. If you are on the heavier side, wear an empire style top with your jeggings as it will give out the illusion of a thin waist!

To Look Trendy…
If you want to follow Hollywood, pair up your jeggings with knee-high boots, or if you are brave, thigh-high boots. Wear a long comfy v-neck tee and finish it off with a tailored blazer. This three layered look along with the super sexy boots will definitely make many heads turn in your direction!

To Look Sporty…
For those of you who want a casual, sporty look, pairing the jeggings with sneakers and a loose, long t-shirt or a cute sweatshirt is a good idea. Of course, you can always enhance this particular look by adding sneaks or tops in crazy colors or those displaying bold and comical quotes.

Kick off your weekend right and go grab a pair today!  Give yourself a complete fashion makeover, after all, who doesn’t love shopping? Visit a Glik’s store nearest you or shop online at

{Jeggings} Ways to Wear Them.

Jeggings: Where Leggings & Jeans Meet

Pick up almost any mag and you are sure to spot your favorite celebs showing off their sexy style in a pair of Jeggings.

Ladies it’s time to rid your closet of anything remotely similar to JNCO’s (yes, I said JNCO’s)! Super skinny is in and like it or not the cut is here to stay. If you haven’t scored a pair of jeggings yet, it’s time to celebrate your curves and make friends with this fashion staple.

As the name suggests, jeggings are a combination of leggings and jeans. They are constructed from legging-like material but fashioned to look like your favorite pair of jeans. Jeggings are typically made up of a cotton, polyester and spandex mix and can be found in a wide variety of colors and prints. Many agree that jeggings offer the best of both worlds!

The skinny, stretch material fits comfortably and looks equally fabulous on every gal! Jeggings can be worn with cardigans, blazers, and tunics. Don’t let Jeggings be intimidating, with the right stylizing, jeggings can work for anyone.

Remember, quality is of the utmost importance to ensure your jeggings maintain form and fit. Stop in your local Glik’s to try on a pair and find your favorite style! Our top sellers include Flying Monkey and Silver Jeans.

Silver Jeans Suki Jegging $72


Flying Monkey Jegging $34.99



Check us out on the web:



Jeggings: Where Leggings & Jeans Meet

{Just In} Billabong x Oracle Fox

“Growing up by the sea with all my girlfriends, we had an entire lifestyle that revolved around surfing and having fun – we pretty much still do. Most sunny days we have off you can find us surfing, sunbaking, chilling at our local beach kiosk/organic café or going on some road trip adventure. The pieces I designed with Billabong encompass that freedom.” – Oracle Fox

It’s always fabulous when an extremely talented artist and an amazing fashion surf brand come together.

Meet Mandy Shadforth (aka Oracle Fox), Aussie, fashion blogger, artist, fashion stylist, and now designer. Mandy teamed up with the Billabong junior’s design team to create a contemporary, free-spirited, authentic surfer chick line.

Reflective of Oracle Fox’s artistic nature, the Billabong collab includes crocheted fringed sweaters that were inspired from a leather crochet jacket (Mandy had made in Bali), lace up studded faux-leather shorts from a pair she had found at a flea market, and tees and tanks with prints and/or graphics that are from her original artwork.

Official Press Release:

Billabong designers stumbled upon the blog Oracle Fox and instantly fell in love with the imagery that stretched from beaches abroad to runways in Paris.

Written by Australian born blogger Mandy Shadworth, Oracle Fox embodies a strong sense of fashion with an underlying connection to sea and surf.

With that, Billabong introduces Billabong x Oracle Fox to their Spring/Summer 2012 collections. This free spirited and magical collection features seventeen pieces of beach flare distinctively more Australian than ever.

A bikini printed with bold black and white tribal inspired graphics, vintage style lace up shorts with a rock & roll feel, an all lace mini dress with bell sleeves, and a ‘reckless’ organic tri-blend oversized cropped tee will encourage you embrace the wanderlust and live with reckless abandon.

The collection set to drop in-store and online December 15 with pieces retailing from $40-60 USA/CAN.

“We immediately fell in love with Oracle Fox the first time we laid eyes on her blog. It was a constant source for design inspiration and after traveling to Australia we couldn’t resist reaching out to her. Her online mix of surf and fashion is so in-line with our brand and we are constantly inspired by her personal interpretation of all the latest trends.”  -Mandy Robinson (Billabong women’s Design Director)


Shop the Billabong x Oracle Fox Spring and Summer 2012 collection at a Glik’s location nearest you & at

{Just In} Billabong x Oracle Fox

{Faux Fur} Shed Some Style.

Although I’ve never really been a huge fan of the whole fur fad, I must admit, fur in vest form is actually kinda cute.

Celebrities have been seen flaunting furry vests all over the place! Ashley Tisdale, Kelly Rowland, and Katy Perry (a.k.a. Kitty Purry)…just to name a few.

Like other key pieces this season, the faux fur vest is a great way to look stylish and stay warm during the cooler weather.

Faux fur vests are super versatile and SO easy to style!

Fab Outfit Ideas:

  • Wear your vest over a long sleeve tee with dark skinny jeans tucked into cute military boots.
  • Wear your vest over a vintage dress and pair it with cable knit tights and suede pumps.
  • Wear your vest over a tailored woven top paired with leggings and platform booties.
  • Wear your vest with high-waisted jeggings, a slim black tank top, and tons of jewelry.
  • Wear your vest over any elegant cocktail dress; lace, velvet, silk…Sexy!

Shop Faux Fur Vests from Dakota Collective in select Glik’s locations & at

{Faux Fur} Shed Some Style.

Movember at Glik’s!

Movember: About The Campaign

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in the US and around the world. With their Mo’s, these men raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

On Movember 1st, guys register at with a clean-shaven face. For the rest of the month, these selfless and generous men, known as Mo Bros, groom, trim and wax their way into the annals of fine moustachery. Supported by the women in their lives, Mo Sistas, Movember Mo Bros raise funds by seeking out sponsorship for their Mo-growing efforts.

Mo Bros effectively become walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November. Through their actions and words they raise awareness by prompting private and public conversation around the often ignored issue of men’s health.

The Movember Effect: Awareness & Education, Survivorship, Research
The funds raised in the US support prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. The funds raised are directed to programs run directly by Movember and our men’s health partners, the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG, the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Together, the three channels work together to ensure that Movember funds are supporting a broad range of innovative, world-class programs in line with our strategic goals in the areas of awareness and education, survivorship and research.

Movember – A Global Movement
Since its humble beginnings in Melbourne Australia, Movember has grown to become a truly global movement inspiring more than 1.1 Million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to participate with formal campaigns in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, the UK, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, South Africa and Ireland. In addition, Movember is aware of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas supporting the campaign and men’s health cause across the globe, from Russia to Dubai, Hong Kong to Antarctica, Rio de Janeiro to Mumbai, and everywhere in between. No matter the country or city, Movember will continue to work to change established habits and attitudes men have about their health, to educate men about the health risks they face, and to act on that knowledge, thereby increasing the chances of early detection, diagnosis and effective treatment.

In 2010, over 64,500 US Mo Bros and Mo Sistas got on board, raising $7.5 million USD.

Wear awesome mustache merch from Glik’s to show your support for men’s health!

Available in stores & at!

Movember TOMS
Movember Quiksilver Hat:
Movember Belt:
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Movember at Glik’s!