Fox Event| Wake the Dead 3

Get Ready to Shake off the Zombie Apocalypse

It’s that time of the year again, folks! The world famous wakeboarding team from Fox is gearing up for another summer event. As a part of their Wake the Dead 3 tour on July 17th and 18th, the team will be in Minocqua, Wisconsin for the Min-Aqua Bats Waterski Show. The last go around for the Fox team at this event was in 2013 and this year’s comeback is looking to be even better than before.

Fox’s lineup for this event is made from the best of the best.

Shaun Murray

Fox Rider Shaun Murray

Bob Soven

Fox Wake Rider Bob Soven
Photo from

Jimmy LaRiche

Fox Wake Rider Jimmy Lariche
Photo from

Reed Hansen

Fox Wake Rider Reed Hansen
Photo from

And the dynamic duo: Gunnar and Gus Shuler

Fox Wake Rider Gus Shuler

Fox Wake Rider Gunnar Shuler


These mega talented guys will be performing during halftime of the Min-Aqua Bats Waterski Show on July 17th. The show begins at 7 p.m. and is free to the general public. The next day, Saturday July 18th, all of the guys will be at our Minocqua store location signing autographs and doing a meet and greet starting at 11 a.m..

As if that’s not sweet enough, Fox has provided Glik’s with a wakeboard that will be autographed by these guys! You can enter for a chance to win this stellar prize in store. Don’t miss your change to attend this family friendly event and witness these accomplished athletes in person!

Stay tuned for more coverage on the Fox Wake the Dead 3 Tour and find out how to be entered to win a custom Fox Nautique G23 boat later this year!

Fox Event| Wake the Dead 3

Look Ahead: Mens Trends for Spring 2015

Let’s take a look ahead to upcoming mens trends for Spring 2015.


Americana seems to be a reoccurring trend pulling from past generations of the hard working American man with a love for his country.

1897 flat front shorts sperry for menTo wear this trend, red, white and blue colorways are essential. Even if you vary the shades (as shown below with Marsala, khaki and dusk blue) the impression of Americana still resonates. Stars and stripes not necessary.

Prep and Nautical

Both Prep and Nautical trends will be seen this Spring.

vineyard vines polos
photo cred: pinterest

Brands including Vineyard Vines, Southern Shirt Company, 1897 and Sperry Top Sider will be leading this trend in menswear at Glik’s. The Preppy look isn’t just long sleeve pastel pullovers or gingham button-downs paired with flat front khaki shorts and Sperry Top-Siders. This trend has expanded to include patriotic graphic tees (Rowdy Gentleman) worn with chinos and Vans.

1897 chinos vans pocket tee

southern shirt company
photo cred: southern shirt company instangram

Both styles are clean-cut with an emphasis of a preppy lifestyle.  Watch for plaid button downs or polo shirts with bright pops of color in red or mint.

plaid shirt khaki shorts sperry

sperry top sider boat shoe
photo cred: pinterest

And as the Nautical trend sets sail, it’s going to find its home within the Preppy lifestyle. So be on the lookout for anchors and stripes (particularly navy and white) within this trend. But don’t be afraid to think outside the yacht, Hawaiian printed shirts, cardigans and blazers are a fun way to switch things up a bit.

hawaiian print nautical shirt


Fitness is booming right now, so it should come as no surprise that activewear has become huge in the fashion industry.

under armour tech tee activewear

joggers under armour activewear

fox activewear tech tee

Tech tees from Under Armour, Fox, or Nike, paired with joggers and sneaks can be worn any and everywhere–not just to the gym. No fellas, activewear isn’t just for leg days anymore.

football southern shirt company
photo cred: southern shirt company instagram

Here are some other trends to look out for at Glik’s for Spring

Color block tees

color block tee spring

Pocket tees

1897 pocket tee color block


tank boardshorts spring

Must-have accessories to beat the heat

beeracuda koozie beer

Shades and croakies are for the active man. Whether it be a round of golf with the boys or a game of volleyball at the beach, you won’t lose your cool with these accessories.

After your fun in the sun, fire up the grill and crack open some cold ones with a koozie in hand and, of course, a beeracuda to keep those brews ice-cold.

Look Ahead: Mens Trends for Spring 2015

Minocqua Blast Wake Event



The Glik’s team traveled to the beautiful Minocqua, Wisconsin to attend the Minocqua Blast Fox Wake event last week! Besides traveling to an incredible lakeside destination, we were able to watch the Min-Aqua Bats perform alongside some talented Fox Wake Riders. Rusty Malinoski, Jimmy Lariche, and Gus and Gunnar Shuler are the Fox Wake Riders that performed on July 17th on Lake Minocqua. The turnout for the event was huge! 



The Min-Aqua Bats are a team of wakeboarders that perform twice a week in Minocqua during the summer. The team is made up of young girls and boys who have a passion for riding and performing. The turnout for the Min-Aqua Bats show is always great, but the crowd last Wednesday night was one of the biggest according to Minocqua locals. People were scanning the deck for the famous Fox riders, hoping to catch a close up glance before they went out onto the water.



Above is Gus Shuler





The performance was fantastic! The Min-Aqua Bats put on a fun and entertaining show and the Fox riders took to the water during half time for their exclusive demo performance. The riders were phenomenal, and the setting sun reflecting in the boat’s pathways only added to the performance. 

ImageGunnar Shuler

When the Fox riders finished their performance and walked up through the stands to make their way back to the Fox bus, they were surrounded by fans. Everyone wanted to snap a picture with these industry professionals. Children were getting parts of their body signed, mothers and fathers were ushering their kids forward to get a picture and a chance to meet the riders face to face. Jimmy, Rusty, Gus, and Gunnar did not let the fans down. They enjoyed the admiration and gladly posed for photos and autographed memorabilia for the fans.

ImageGus and Gunnar Shuler Posing for Pictures with Fans

ImageRusty Malinoski Signing Autographs for Fans

ImageJimmy LeRiche Signing Autographs

ImageJimmy and Rusty Posing for a Pic

On Thursday, July 18th, the riders came by our Glik’s store located in downtown Minocqua to sign autographs for Fox fans. The turnout was huge! Judy, one of the store managers of the Minocqua store, said it was the largest crowd they had ever seen for a Fox signing! It was a blast hanging out with the Fox team and watching the fans’ excitement.



Thanks so much to the Fox Team and Rusty, Jimmy, Gus, and Gunnar for coming out to help with this awesome event!

Find us on Instagram at glikclick for more highlights and footage of the event! You can find Fox apparel on our website or at one of our Glik’s locations








Minocqua Blast Wake Event

Man Must-Have {Hybrid Shorts}

Okay guys, it’s safe to say that summer is finally here and every man is in need of a quality pair of boardshorts, NOT a pair of cutoffs made from jeans that won’t survive another winter. Besides, “jorts” (jean shorts) on men are a HUGE fashion DON’T rule that continues to be broken by males everywhere. Whether you’re at the pool, at the lake, in a boat on the river, or you’re blessed to be beachside, boardshorts are a must-have for men!

There is only one downside to the boardshort, and that is eventually you have to go from waterside to the streets or out to eat, etc. This meant that you will have to pack a change of bottoms. Granted, some guys can pull of the boardshorts on the street “look,” but there are still a majority of men who can’t. This is where the hybrid short comes in. Thanks to this ah-mazing new concept, men all-over do not have to change from bathing suit to street wear anymore.

Hybrid shorts are exactly what their name claims: a short that can be worn both in and out of the water. They are made of fast drying material and feature pockets that are secure in the water, yet look normal out of the water. When I first saw the Hybrid Freak from O’Neill, at first glance I would have not categorized them as a boardshort.

Some look exactly like a normal pair of shorts sporting an outward button fly with interior draw cord, hand side pockets, and back flap stow pockets.

Hybrid Freak Back Flap Stow Pockets

Hybrid Freak Side Hand Pockets

Cool Feature: the side hand pockets can be zipped up while you’re in the water and zipped open once you’re ready to hit the town.

Wall Street Front Tie Closure

The Wall Street Hybrid short from O’Neill is similar to that of a normal boardshort “look” featuring a tie closure, side Velcro cargo pocket, and no back pockets.

Wall Street Backside

Wall Street Side Hand Pockets

Another perk of the hybrid shorts is that they are available in patterns and colors that are tyoically reserved for casual shorts verses the loud colors and graphics normally seen in boardshorts. Hybrid shorts are usually available in conservative patterns such as plaids, stripes and all-over solid colors.

Fox Hydroblast Hybrid Walk Short

Overall, I feel that the hybrid boardshort is a summer essential for any guy and a must-have for this 2012 summer season. What’s your opinion on hybrid shorts? Would you wear them? You can visit us online at to see these and other available hybrid boardshorts styles.

Man Must-Have {Hybrid Shorts}

Go Sleeveless {Tank Tops}

I have always wondered whether men can get away with wearing tank tops? Once upon a time, this invoked thoughts of men with big bellies wearing thin white ribbed “wife-beaters” soiled with dirt, grease stains and smeared with food smudges where hands have been wiped. These images would come to mind and I would get this unsettling feeling of disgust. Nice visual, right?

Good news. They aren’t just considered underwear anymore. Men’s tank tops have come a long way since the “wife-beater” days. I was never a fan of that name anyway. Now men’s tanks come in all kinds of fabrics, colors and styles and they have become an essential in men’s basic summer fashion.

A men’s tank can be worn in the summer with a pair of shorts, boardshorts, twill pant or jeans. As far as footwear goes, tanks can work well with flip flops, boat shoes and sneakers.

Tank tops made from cotton or cotton blends are preferred most over other types but do not count jersey out. This is most likely due to the feel of the material. Nothing is better than a super soft, casual tank that feels barely there.

Retro Striped Tank

Hurley Mooney Pocket Tank

As far as construction is concerned, tank tops are designed either like a common sleeveless shirt, where the armhole is more “fitted”, or can be styled having a low and open hole where the armpit and parts of the torso can be seen.  I am seeing more of a square, straight cut fit trending as well.  This means that men’s tanks are not going to be as fitted versus an athletic tank, which is ment for working out.

Fox Enterprize Jersey Tank

Hurley Rigged Tank

Key styles that are trending this summer are horizontal, tonal, and wide stripes .You will also see allot of Aztec prints, bright colors, graphic logos and retro designs.

NEFF Ripper Tank

White Stripe Retro Tank

Make no mistake about it.  Men’s tank tops are basic versatile essentials. Plus, wearing them is an amazing way of cooling down from summer’s heat when you’re out enjoying the weather.

Guys, you can be stylish this Cinco de Mayo weekend by pairing a tank with a pair of shorts, flip flops, your favorite pair of sunglasses and add a little extra “Joe Cool” to your look with a hat.

You’ve worn them under your wovens and tees for so long, now just wear them on their own! With brands like Hurley, Billabong, Fox and Neff coming out with some rad tank styles this summer, I can promise that you can’t go wrong! Go ahead and stop by any of your local Glik’s store locations or check us out online at for any of your summer essentials.

Go Sleeveless {Tank Tops}

Spring Break Essentials

Spring Break 2012 is upon us. Although most of your plans aren’t Facebook official yet, there are a few things you know you’ll have to pack along on your adventure to destination nowhere. Besides a cooler of chilled beverages, food to last you a week and enough beach towels to double as blankets you’ll need a bag of trendy new Spring Break apparel!

We know you probably scrapped and saved enough money to cover your gas, beverage buying and recreational expenses, so here are some hot Spring Break clothes that won’t break your budget or empty you bank account!

Billabong Once Was Body Con Dress

Qupid Athena-427A Aztec Print Flat Sandal

Billabong Nada Mas Beach Bag

Body Con is big right now. So, what’s better than this super cute Billabong Once Was Body Con Dress to throw on over your freshly bronzed beach bod with a pair of strappy sandals like the Qupid Athena-427A Aztec Print Flat Sandal for an evening out. It’s easier to make your beach to street transition with a bag like the Billabong Nada Mas Beach Bag.

Strapless Chiffon Dress

Ceduce 244 Watercolor Print Covered Wedge

Aztec Shield Necklace Set

Highlight your bright style & sun kissed skin with layers of chiffon chicness in this season’s hottest color Tangerine Tango. That’s right you bold fashionista, you’ll be dancing your night away in this super cute strapless chiffon dress. Don’t forget a pair of platform wedges in a fun print and to add vibrant gold accessories.

Not forgetting the guys, one of this summer’s biggest trends is the Hybrid short. What is this you may ask? Well, it’s a short that can double as a casual walk short AND as a fully equipped boardshort.

FOX Hydroblast Hybrid WalkShort

Another trend is high performance, eco-friendly clothing. What’s better than wearing boardshorts & tees from your favorite brands as well as supporting a better environment?

Billabong Life is Better in Boardshorts Tee

  Billabong Vantage Platinum/Recycled Boardshort

Let’s not forget a great pair of flip flips too!

Fox Future 2 Flip Flop in Electric Blue

Spring break is always a blast. So, don’t forget to have fun, wear SPF and to visit us at or any Glik’s store location nearest to you for all your summer needs!

Spring Break Essentials

Going Green for St. Patty’s Day

We understand that you just packed away all your glitter, feathers and beads from Mardi Gras. But, St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us and you’ve got some green you need to be getting out! Yes, just like when you were in elementary school, we will be on the look out along with many others for that poor clueless soul who forgot about the pinching rule.

So, just to be sure you are prepared for this upcoming holiday we’ve decided to create a list of must haves!

Make sure everyone sees your St. Patty’s spirit when you’re wearing a pair of bold kelly green or lime green jeggings from our ever-favorite Flying Monkey.

Not so sure about the green jeggings? That’s okay; nothing is better than a super chic St. Patrick’s Day green dress like this one from Hello Miss.

Easiest thing for a girl to do is paint her nails a lucky shade of green like Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow from OPI.

It’s as simple as a St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt for the men. No, really, he can rep his favorite brand and his holiday spirit.

O’Neill Dublin St Pats Tee

O’Neill Dublin St Pats Tee

Hurley Paddy Skull St. Pats Tee

T-shirts are great under hoodies, zip-ups or if the weather is nice just by themselves with a good pair of denim jeans.

A perfect accessory for that not-so holiday guy is a St. Patrick’s Day hat, like the O’Neill Dublin St Pats Hat

Even better, opt for a pop of green in your sneaks like the Osiris NYC 83.

So, go out, enjoy all that is Irish this St. Patrick’s Day. Eat your corned beef-n- cabbage at the pub; turn up your Dropkick Murphy’s playlist and rage hard. If you happen to be hurting in the St Patrick’s Day apparel department you can find any of these items online at or any Glik’s store location nearest to you.

Going Green for St. Patty’s Day

{Speed Racer} Men’s Fox.

Fox is a globally renowned brand that offers amazing quality and performance merchandise. A family owned business since its humble beginnings, Fox Racing has quickly risen to the top of the industry.

Moto-X Fox was launched by founder Geoff Fox as a small distribution business for European motocross bikes in Northern California in 1974. Two years later, the company expanded and began to manufacture high-performance suspension and engine components for racers.

In 1977, Team Moto-X Fox was created. They met with success early on, with their riders taking the top five in their first year. Beyond that, Team Moto-X Fox impressed American motocross fans in a way that was not initially intended. Wearing bright red, yellow, and orange race suits that were hand-made by Fox, they became an instant hit; enthusiasts and fans feverishly contacted Moto-X Fox for availability.

Fox Racing has become the world’s leading motocross apparel brand, going on to sponsor, support, and work with some of the best motocross riders in the world. Since its inception, Fox Racing has been committed to developing the finest sports gear, apparel, accessories, footwear, and sunglasses with the racer in mind. Dominating the motocross scene, MX riders now look to Fox for innovative designs.

Fox Racing has become an international leader in the action sports and sportswear industry, going far beyond its initial focus of motocross, but branching out to BMX, MTB, skateboarding, surfing, and wakeboarding.

With professional athletes endorsing the Fox Racing head logo, Fox Racing has become a household name and will continue to be a staple for the racing and action sports industry. By embracing its family owned values and grassroots tradition, Fox Racing transcends the industry and will continue to create products with the highest quality, performance, and design.

Shop Fox Racing for Men in stores & at

{Speed Racer} Men’s Fox.

Style File: Fox Fleece & Outerwear!

It’s that time of year again! The weather changes, and so does your wardrobe! Tanks, Flip-flops, and shorts will soon be traded out for Fleece, Sweats, Jeans, and Boots! Don’t worry because Fox and Glik’s have you covered! We have some of the hottest styles and colors of fleece and outerwear and it is NOW available in stores and online! Check out some of the New Merch below!

Rookie Fleece Pullover- $39.50


Superfox Burnout Pullover- $39.50–P2073.aspx

Piston Bomber Jacket- $79.50

Charlene Jacket- $86


Clean Zip Hoody- $39.50

Breakdown Henley Pullover- $52

Superfox Burnout Pullover- $39.50

Masterlink Clean Zip Hoody- $56

Warhead Babe Sherpa Hoody- $86

Fox Sherpa Lined Hoody- $69.50

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Style File: Fox Fleece & Outerwear!

Surprise Contest @Glik’s!!

For our surprise sales contest in all stores, we had 3 generations of Glik’s selling on the sales floor in our Minnesota and Dakota stores!!!!!!!

Mr. Glik- 85 yrs old and working hard every day in the office and in all stores!
Jeff Glik- Our President!
Jeremy Glik- Jeff’s 16 yr old son! Excited to be apart of the famiy business!


The trio hit stores yesterday to help promote and sell all of the great new merchandise that just landed in Glik’s stores!

New merchandise from TOMS, LA Idol, UGG’s, The North Face, Fox, & Silver is now available in stores and we have some AWESOME items PERFECT for Fall 2011 and back-to-school!

Check out our online store at!


Surprise Contest @Glik’s!!