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Athleisure, activewear, what-have-you.  All we know is that the trend is in AND it is comfortable.  It’s a win-win situation that will have you adding to your collection on the reg.  However, if you are unsure of how to pull off this style, we are here to show you where to start!  Keep reading to check out some of our activewear styles from Mono B Clothing.

The greatest thing about active wear clothing is that you can go from brunch, to class, to running errands, and to the gym all in one outfit! Or if you’re like us, trick people into thinking you are headed to the gym when in fact you are headed home from class to watch 8 hours of Netflix…  You are totally capable of looking put together in leggings and a pullover without looking like a bum.


First things first: leggings. You can NEVER have too many pairs.  Anyone who tells you otherwise, well, they’re just plain wrong. We have recently gotten in so many cute and trendy pairs of leggings and you definitely need one of each pair! These leggings are made with a comfortable stretch fabric that is perfect for lounging or cardio. With different designs, lengths, and colors, you will easily be able to mix and match with your wardrobe day to day.


If you want to be SUPER trendy and put-together, buy an active-wear set! These sports bra crop tops are perfect for the warmer months coming up.  They come in cute matching prints as some of the leggings we carry and feature a comfortable, padded construction. Not comfortable with wearing only the crop top and leggings? Throw on a basic tee or tank over the sports bra and you’re all set.  For chilly or windy days, invest in a neutral windbreaker or athleisure pullover.  With muted tones and a simple design, your look will go from bleak to chic in no time.



Last, but certainly not least, you will need to invest in a neutral, comfy, and dependable pair of tennis shoes to complete your look! These shoes will be able to take you through the day in style from your morning coffee runs to your gym workouts at night.  Also, try Boho Bandeaus or Teleties to pull your hair back in a messy bun when you decided to hit snooze for the fifth time before class that day.


Shop these styles, and more, at! Or, check out Glik’s Official Instagram account for styling ideas for any occasion!

Trending: Athleisure Style

A Timeless Pair of Kicks {Keds}

I find it funny that an average everyday object can spark an unexpected flashback to a childhood memory.  Some flashbacks can be sparked from a smell, how something tastes, or from an item/object.  In my case it was a pair of classic Champion canvas sneakers from Keds.

I remember being a little girl and FINALLY getting my first pair of white canvas Keds sneakers. I have no words to express how excited I was when, after years of receiving the “off- brand” sneaks from my mother’s ever easy Wal-Mart trips, to actually open a Keds shoe box and saw a sparkling clean pair of white canvas Champions of my own. I was exhilarated, beyond happy, and I wore those new shoes to school the very next day. Now, to give my mother the credit that she deserves for her smart shopping decisions, I was very much a “tomboy,” and I also remember how sad I was when I scuffed and dirtied up those clean white canvas sneaks. It truly was a sad, sad, sad day.

Those who know me laugh at how “old” I feel, even if I am only in my mid-twenties, but I really do believe that after 96 years of being in business Keds shoes have made a lasting impact on many generations. Ask your siblings, relatives, parents, even grandparents if they remember Keds, and I bet they have a story of their own to share.

In 1916 Keds developed the “original” sneaker (as they like to say): a “feel- like- everyday’s- a- Saturday” shoe. Since it was too long for a name, Keds went with the name “Champion” instead, and through the decades this casually simple canvas shoe has become an American classic.

Keds Champion Canvas Sneaker in White

Color me obsessed with Keds! I still favor this classic sneaker over all the other tennis shoes that I come across, and what excites me even more is that Keds have made their classic “Champion” kicks available in a variety of colors and designs to suit any fashionista’s personal style!

Keds Champion Canvas Sneaker in Red

Keds Champion Canvas Sneaker in Black

Keds Champion Canvas Sneaker in Graphite Grey

Keds Champion Canvas Sneaker in Green Plaid

Keds have developed their shoes into a quirky slip on style too!

Keds Surfer Candy Stripe Slip On in Green

Keds Surfer Baja Stripe Slip On

Keds are a true-blue American classic sneaker that will never fade. Their retro aesthetic has seen a HUGE revival this 2012 year, and I’m happy to say that I will be re-purchasing my favorite childhood sneaks! These timeless sneaks are a Glik’s online exclusive, and while supplies last, you will receive a free gift of custom Keds socks with your purchase when you go to to purchase your very own pair.

A Timeless Pair of Kicks {Keds}