Cowboy Up!

Fall calls for boots, and there is no denying the cowboy boot from making its crossover to the cooler weather trends.  The cowboy boot is an American “classic,” and I think it is safe to say that this boot is the “old faithful” when it comes to footwear.

Volatile Denver Western Boot

Now when I think classic America a few great things come to mind: Willie Nelson, country music, John Deere tractors, baseball, hamburgers, float trips, denim, and Robert Redford (swoon). Now, I have to chuckle to myself after reading this list because it sounds super country, AND there are respectfully, MANY MORE things that are definitely American.  But this blog edition is about cowboy boots and if I wrote about everything American the blog would go on forever (history junkie).

Okay, the cowboy boot. The main reason why this boot has such staying power is due to the fact that not only is it one hardy and durable piece of footwear, but the cowboy boot is extremely versatile!

Robert Redford can rock his boots with a denim shirt and wranglers while horse whispering… while you can plan you next outfit for a night out with the girls.


(Work those cowboy boots Mr. Redford)


Wear your cowboy boots with denim:

Very Volatile Rio Grande Boot

Depending on the outfit, you can wear your boots 2 different ways when it comes to jeans.

If you are wearing denim with a larger leg opening like a bootcut or slight flare then your boot will be hidden under the excess denim material and will take on a heel effect by elongating your legs. The extra height helps to keep a simple outfit from not looking too casual. Be sure to keep in mind the length of your jean’s inseam. You want to add an extra inch or two depending on your boot’s heel height.

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The more popular of the two denim outfit options trending right now is wearing a pair of skinny jeans or jeggings inside your cowboy boots. What I love about rocking skinny jeans inside your boots is that you make your outfit super chic and edgy. Maybe throw in a vegan friendly jacket or you super casual with a simple top paired with accessories.

Wear your cowboy boots with a dress:

Call it country chic or call it whatever you would like. A rustic pair of cowboy boots looks great with carefree dresses. Pair your boots with patterns, solids, and crochet/lace embellishments for outfits that look effortless. Throw in a denim accent in the form of a shirt, jacket or vest. And as the weather cools down you can rock knit sweaters, cardigans, and jackets with tights and scarves with your boots.

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Partnering your cowboy boots with a maxi skirt or dress work wonders. The extra heel adds a bit of height, which is wonderful news for all of my fellow vertically challenged ladies out there that find wearing the longer garment difficult!

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Have fun matching up your boots and opt for a statement color.

Very Volatile Denver Boot

Every fashionable closet will be in need of a trendy pair of cowboy boots for this fall. I suggest the Denver or Rio Grande cowboy boot from Very Volatile.

Be sure to check out our fab collection of cowboy boots online at or stop by your local Glik’s store location!

Cowboy Up!

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