We Love Made in USA

It’s been a major topic of discussion for years, and is positioning itself as a mainstream trend… We’re talking about domestically produced goods, and the impact that they’re currently having on the American society.

Have you ever taken the time to sift through your wardrobe and really look at what your garment tags say?  I recently took the time to do just go through my own closet (spring cleaning) and my biggest discovery was that a majority of my clothing was produced overseas.  Seriously, take the time to do this, you will be surprised at what you discover.

Not saying that outsourcing is bad, there are obvious reasons why companies decide to do this. I do believe that the idea behind buying Made in USA products is proving itself to not be just another passing fad. It’s now a media trend.


Come on, it’s considered down right American to provide Made in USA merchandise, and we’re totally on it! The Glik’s buying team has found several LA based brands that produce their apparel directly on American soil, and we’re providing a diverse selection of goods for you!


New arrivals are hitting gliks.com on a daily basis, so come check us out for more Made in USA brands!

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