Gearing up for Father's Day!

Father's Day Outfits

He tells you, "I just ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon." then waits and says, "I'll let you know." He tells stories like, "Today my son asked "Can I have a book mark?" and I burst into tears. 11 years old and he STILL doesn't know my name is Jeff!" Or maybe he just sticks with the classic, "Hi hungry! I'm Dad." No matter what corny jokes he loves to use, every dad has their own style when it comes to clothing. Even though he's usually the hardest one to buy gifts for, there's a pretty special holiday coming up that might have you looking for something special for your old man anyway. Here are some of our favorite looks to help him show off his father figure, and we hope you'll love them too!


VACATION DAD: Always ready to capture the perfect family photo.

Neccessities: SUPER trendy sandals, a tropical shirt, khaki shorts, and a fanny pack for all of his memory cards and his mini Dad handbook. 

Men's Vacation outfit

THE COOL DAD: Promises that he WON'T tell mom. Usually hangs out by the pool and likes to end the day with a cold one. 

Neccessities: A Burton Beercuda Sling Cooler so he can have one and share a few while he's feeling cool. Also, he's a big fan of short shorts like he used to wear in college so make sure he's stocked up!

Party Pant's Men's Outfit

FISHING DAD: Taught you how to put a worm on a hook, and reminds you that the fish he caught last week was THIS big. 

Neccessities: Water shoes (Chaco's are a great option!), Hook and Tackle gear, and a Yeti to keep his drinks cool while he's out on the water. 

Men's Fishing Outfit

SOCCER DAD: Always brings the best snacks, and cheers the loudest from the sidelines... maybe even too loud. 

Neccessities: Comfy jeans, a polo that's fully tucked in (check out these ones from Patagonia!), and some hip Converse shoes!

Soccer Dad Outfit

BUSINESS CASUAL DAD: Every day is casual Friday! 

Neccessities: Any long sleeve button up shirt, khaki pants, and casual shoes to make sure that the look is casual... definitely not going to work today! These Men's Simply Southern Shirts will be his new favorite!

Men's Business Casual Outfit

If any of these styles make you think of your Dad, make sure to get him something special from our website or from your local Glik's store for Father's Day!

H A P P Y   F A T H E R S   D A Y

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