Fashion Through the Decades: Glik's Celebrates 125 Years

Fashion Through the Decades

Fashion and trends always find their way back into people’s closets! From the kitten heels of the 50’s to the bell bottoms of the 70’s to fun hair accessories in the 90’s and everything in between, fashion throughout the decades tells a story and allows you to express your style in a variety of ways. The fun thing about fashion is “vintage” looks always come back in style. The cycle of fashion tends to be every 20 years, however as we’ve seen in today’s fashion world all of the classic and fun trends throughout the past century are all present today. Glik’s has been lucky enough to be a part of all the amazing fashion decades, since we are celebrating our 125th anniversary this year, so we’ve seen and been at the forefront of the miniskirts in the 60’s and bold colors of the 80’s! Keep reading to learn more about all of the fashion trends defining the past few decades and be on the lookout for some similar pieces on or in stores.

50s Fashion


Tell me about it, stud! After the Great Depression and World War II was over, it was time to embrace new fashion trends in the 1950s. This brought full skirt dresses that accentuated a lady’s waist, matching sweater and cardigan sets, cute kitten heels, and capri pants. For men, suits, trousers, hats, and bow ties made an appearance.

60s Fashion


60s fashion was all about creativity and self-expression that started bending gender norms. The mod fashion movement in London and the ever so popular band, The Beatles, gave way for colorful menswear, fringe jackets, miniskirts, and the hippie style. Along with the eye-catching prints and patterns, white and silver were becoming more popular with newly developed ‘futuristic’ fibers.

70s Fashion


Peace, love, and granola! The 1970s fashion movement is one of my favorites. Embrace your inner flower child with bell bottoms or flare jeans, a statement jumpsuit, platform shoes, and oversized accessories like circular sunglasses. 70s trends also played with different fabrics like corduroy.

80s Fashion


"Girls Just Want To Have Fun" with 1980s fashion! With no social media, this decade’s inspiration came from music and TV which led to big, bright, and bold clothing. 80s style included spandex leggings and leotards, shoulder pads, leather jackets, and acid wash jeans. Then, accessorize with giant scrunchies, sheer tights, and oversized eyewear. Polka dots, leopard prints, and lace made appearances in many looks as well.

90s Fashion


Ugh, as if! Grunge details, minimalism, and other iconic pieces have made 90s fashion the golden decade. Overalls, cargo pants, baby graphic tees, slip dresses, combat boots, and fanny packs…the list goes on. The 90s were all about being cool – embracing pop culture and yourself! One of our favorites from the 90s that is still here today are mom jeans and flannel shirts.

00s Fashion


New century, new trends! Y2K fashion featured an array of styles from hip hop, streetwear, and athleisure. There were many style muses arising with fast fashion starting to take storm. Some 00s fashion that stood out were denim everything, tracksuits, tube tops, rhinestones, and trucker hats. More is more with 2000s trends as seen with lots of accessories and dresses over jeans.

Todays Fashion

Present Day

Today, fashion encompasses a lot of these trends decades prior created. Many people are no longer worried about dressing with the latest trends but what actually fits their personal style. It’s the revamped Roaring 20s. Walk into a coffee shop and you’ll see someone wearing 70s or 90s inspired looks ranging from preppy, minimalist, bold prints, or grunge. And, everyone is considered in “style”! Fashion in the 21st century focuses on what makes you feel good and sustainability which is why we offer great staple pieces you can style with anything in your wardrobe.

Looking back at all these fashion trends throughout the decades, it is clear the impact fashion has on our daily lives. Clothing, accessories, and shoes all allow individuals to express themselves in a way nothing else can. Glik’s takes part in the past, present, and future of fashion in our everyday lives, bringing pop culture and society to life. Experimenting with different trends of the 50s through today is what makes fashion so exciting!

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