Celebrating 125 Years at Glik's

We are excited to celebrate our 125th year anniversary. Each of the five generations that have run Glik's has been proud to serve you and be part of your community. The Glik family believes there is no real secret to the success of Glik's, other than a belief in honesty, integrity, hard work and excellent customer service. The last few decades have seen rapid growth, now with 70 stores across the Midwest. You, our customers, are the reason we are able to move into the future with such confidence.

Glik's 125th Anniversary Thank You Video

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We partnered with Arch Apparel to custom design a shirt to celebrate our 125th Anniversary. We are so excited to offer this custom piece for a limited time. In the photo, Joseph Glik, is celebrating the Holidays with the local community.

Glik's 125th Anniversary T-Shirt

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Thank You

For Letting Us Be Part of So Many Moments

“I started working in 1999 for Glik’s. It was just right for me, a small family-owned business. Just what I was looking for. I stayed for so long because I liked working for the company and seeing fashion do a complete circle is so amazing."

- Lola Ramirez, Warehouse Receiving Manager, 23 Years

“Over these last 40 years, I have held many company positions (Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Manager, Distributor, Assistant Buyer, Buyer, Warehouse Liaison, MM, Director of Loss Prevention, Director of I.S.). The most important of which was family member! At least that is how I look at the Glik’s. I have spent many more waking hours in the company of the great people that work here…than with my own family. I’ve learned life lessons, teamwork, patience, gained knowledge, made amazing/lasting friendships, and most of all become a better person through this growth. Welcoming in the 5th generation brings an absolute smile to my face. Thanks for all the memories!”

- Mary Pavlik, Merchandise Manager Footwear, 40 Years

“My first memory of Glik’s was as a young girl my parents would take me back to school shopping at our Collinsville, IL location. I remember being in awe of all the cute clothes and shoes. It had two levels and the kid's clothes were upstairs. I had a great time picking out all my clothes and Hush Puppies shoes! I have always loved fashion so when the opportunity to be part of the Glik's team came available I knew that I found my perfect job. Getting to be part of this company is so unique and special, I truly feel like part of the family. Being in business for 125 years is a huge success story, and I am just glad I am able to be part of their story.”

- Kristi Ham, Director of Marketing, 16 Years

“Glik’s has been a huge part of my family and second home for the last 35 years. I recall being promoted into a Multi-Store role as I was leaving on maternity leave with my son Jacob who turns 29 this year. I was honored to be offered a new challenge for when I returned from my leave. I have been doing Multi-Store now for 29 years. The Glik’s have always been caring and considerate of all of my family and personal needs. This value is super important to me and my family and many other people at Glik’s. It taught me to be the same with my team. I don’t feel there’s many or maybe not any companies that would treat me and my family the same as the Glik company has these past 35 years.”

- Christy Haudrich, Director of HR and Regional Manager, 35 Years

More About Glik's

If you are interested in learning more about our company, our values, and who we are, check out our About Us page! We are excited to look toward the future and the next 125 Years!

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