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We're so excited for 2021!! It's the first time that we have seen two colors of the year from Pantone, and we think they're stellar. The inspiring combination of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (Yellow) are making us feel positive and hopeful for the newness that this year will bring. We've tried to predict the biggest fashion trends for our customers over the past few years, and 2021 will be no exception. Here are a few trends that we think you'll see a lot of in the next couple of months: 


Color of the year loungewear sets

Colors of the year:

Like we said, the two colors of the year are Illuminating (Yellow) and Ultimate Gray. Stay tuned for sunny tones in the spring and groutfits coming back in style through every season. Click here to shop these trend-colored Thread & Supply loungewear sets.


athflow outfit


Speaking of loungewear, athflow (flowy athleisure) takes that concept and makes it bigger and better. Think: oversized, flowy, and overall more comfortable, yet classy. If you're not buying your loungewear a size up... apparently you're doing it wrong. Searches are on the rise for comfy home-wear, oversized outfits, soft fabrics, cotton jumpsuits, and matching two-piece sets! Click here to shop our newest loungewear styles for your day-to-day wardrobe.


cow print

Cow Print:

As a big fan of black and white in my closet collection, I am super excited about the rise in popularity of cow print! Not only has this pattern become more prevalent due to how cute it looks, 2021 is the year of the cow according to the Chinese zodiac so we think that will add a little extra push to the popularity of this print! We're looking forward to seeing this playful design on shoes, handbags, masks and more in 2021. Move out of the way leopard print! The cows are coming through. 🐮🐮 Click here to shop all of our current animal print styles.



From Bras to Bralettes to Bramis:

Last year we saw quite the uptick in purchases towards seamless bramis. (We wrote another blog all about them that you can read by clicking here.) This year, we think the popularity for these comfortable crop tops will only grow! Maybe this year we will see a few more prints and brighter colors since last year was mainly solids. Check our our latest brami styles here!


cozy knits

Super Cozy Knits:

The bigger the sweater the better! This year we've finally understood the importance of comfy at all times. Why dress any other way? The cozier the sweater/jacket/pullover the cuter we feel. Quilted fashion has come into the spotlight as well as super chunky/ultra cozy knits. Click here to shop our newest cozy styles to help you make it through the rest of this chilly weather.


 Fuzzy Shoes

Comfy Shoes Only:

Thanks to a few months inside our houses, we've all found a new love for fuzzy slippers & comfy sneakers. We saw furry styles emerge from Birkenstock and Hey Dude Shoes, and we couldn't be happier about how cozy our toesies feel in these super soft shoes. Check out our latest shoes to stay up-to-date with what's new in fashionable footwear!


happy 2021

These are only a few of the new fashion trends that we think we're going to see as this year moves forward. Hopefully you're just as excited about all of these rising styles as we are! Here's to a new year, a new start, and a new look into the fashion world and what it will bring to the table for 2021. 🎉

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