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Seamless Brami Style

       One of our favorite current trends is the shift we've seen towards comfortable crop tops. Not only that, but today's crop tops are built for all different body types! With body positivity at the forefront of the fashion conversation, it's no longer in-style to make sure that you have abs before you reach for shorter shirts. Along with this trend, we've noticed that waistlines keep climbing with mom jeans and high wasted pants coming back in. These kinds of bottoms are meeting the crops halfway, which is flattering and inclusive for numerous silhouettes, because it gives a girl options! Don't want to show a lot of skin? You don't have to. Want to add a cardigan or a light jacket? Go for it! Feel like lounging around the house with nothing but your favorite top and some soft joggers? Join the club. No matter what pair you pick, your final look will always turn out to be comfy and cute because you won't have to deal with extra fabric weighing you down. You can finally show off all the details on your jeans, or rock that maxi skirt you've been holding off on because you didn't want to wrestle with 5+ layers of clothing. (Not cute!) If you're loving this trend, stick around to see why the brami has become everyone's go-to cropped top. 

Seamless Brami

       All the models featured here wear sizes ranging from 3 to 11, and their heights span from 5' to 5' 9". These beautiful women were all comfortable in their one-size-fits-most seamless bramis, showcasing how inclusive this kind of top really is! The three on the left are modeling NikiBiki bramis, and the two on the right are wearing cropped tops from Dynamic Clothing. The stretchy yet sturdy fabric offers enough support to wear these tops sans bra, but also enough coverage to wear undergarments without letting your straps show. You might not have been around when camisoles were all the rage, but I always found it hard to find a use for the lower half of those stretchy tank tops. In need of more coverage than my top/bra would provide I would add them as a layer to my look, but would end up tucking them in all the way around, or just fidgeting with them for the rest of the day trying to make sure I didn't look like I was drowning in my outfit. (You might also not be 5' 2" like I am, but that was my struggle and I'm sure there are others out there that can relate!) After these bramis came in I've been collecting as many colors as I can, because I love how soft the materials are, and I'm a sucker for high-waisted anything while also not having the best luck with tying up tops in the front. If you've been searching for a new crop top, or you're struggling to find something that you can layer underneath your favorite flannel this fall, check out these bramis and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. 

       If you need more fashion inspiration, check us out on Instagram @gliksofficial! Or if you're stocked up on bramis and you're wanting new jeans to pair them with, check out our newest from KanCan Jeans to pick out the perfect denim duo. 

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