KanCan Jeans Size Chart

 KanCan Jeans Size Chart
 KanCan Tops and Jackets Size Chart

We love our KanCan jeans! Who doesn’t? But trying to find the right fit of any denim can be not so fun. Which is why we wanted to provide you with these sizing charts to help you make the best decision about what size works for you.

However, while our KanCan Jeans Size Chart can provide a guide as to which size you may need, it can't possibly replace trying them on. If you do decide to try them on in store, our in-store stylists are happy to help you find the best fit for you in person.

Here is how our in-house stylist picks the perfect size of KanCan Jean for our Glik's Models:

“KanCan jeans are one of our favorite denims here in the office! When prepping & picking a size of KanCan jeans for our models I always go with their true size. However if you like your jeans to fit a little more snug I would recommend going down a size as KanCan does tend to have a bit of stretch to them!”

Our KanCan Jeans Size Chart can be used to help you determine your waist size in KanCan Jeans. For example, if you typically wear a size 1 in junior's jeans, you should try the size 24 in KanCan Jeans. However, depending on the style of KanCan Jeans you are interested in, your size on the KanCan Jeans Size Chart could fluctuate. KanCan Jeans are super stretchy, soft and comfortable and may fit a bit bigger than other jeans in your closet. Don't be afraid to try a size down.

 How to Measure for KanCan Sizing

If you are unsure what size to order, or if this is your first time measuring yourself for clothing, here's a guide for you to help. We recommend using a soft tape measure!