Carhartt Size Charts

Carhartt has so many wonderful clothing offerings! In order to help you be able to shop with them most effectively, we got together some size charts for the pieces we offer on our website!

Carhartt Women's Sizes

Wondering what size you wear in Carhartt Shirts? Use this Carhartt Size Chart to find your perfect fit!

Carhartt Men's Sizes

Wondering what size you wear in Carhartt Men's Shirts? We have you covered! Here's a size chart for Carhartt Men's Shirts so you can find the perfect size for you!

Carhartt Youth Sizes

Carhartt Youth clothing is so adorable! If you are wanting to know what size you should be getting, the chart below is for you! The size chart below will help you decide what size shorts are best for you.

Do You Need Help Measuring?

If you are unsure what size to order, or if this is your first time measuring yourself for clothing, here's a guide for you to help. We recommend using a soft tape measure that you can get almost anywhere! We also have a blog that goes over the different fits that Carhartt offers that you can check out here!