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Chevron. There is definitely a bit of history behind this zig-zag print. It has been seen in badges, architecture, and as far back as ancient pottery, but in 2012 the chevron pattern emerged and evolved into a popular trend in the fashion scene.

What more can we say? There are many fantastic qualities to behold when it comes to this geometric print, but we believe its best attribute has to be its versatility. Whether the zig-zag stripes are close together or far apart, in bold colors or subtle hues, you can achieve a range of drastically different “looks” with this pattern.


Even used as a small accent or as a statement piece, Chevron has the ability to vamp up any wardrobe!


We can’t go on without sharing another wonderful quality of this print … it has a totally adaptable, do-it-yourself quality as well  Due to the simplicity of chevron’s pattern, it has become a “go-to” design for crafters from all different walks. Just visit any Pinterest board and you can see the famous zig-zag print being painted on everything from picture frames to rugs, walls, home decor and even being used in re-purposing old furniture (we suggest checking this out).

chevron stuff

Bottom Line: Chevron’s versatility makes it a must-have for your closet.

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