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It's the beginning of a new year as well as a new decade, and we are so excited about all the newest trends that we're seeing! Since there is so much newness coming our way, I thought it would be fun to interview our buying team to see what they thought would be big in their area of expertise for the coming year. So, here's what we're seeing in 2020: 


Women's Tie Dye Fashion


Allison, one of our Women's Fashion Buyers, thinks that a softer tie-dye look is going to be big this year! The 70's spiralized style of  tie-dye has been traded in for what looks like a dipped style, as well as hap-hazard stripes and splotches that help to create a unique look every time. We love how every piece feels hand-made and works as a statement piece or a fun layering piece under your favorite outerwear. 


Women's Festival Hats


Even though festival hats were huge in 2019, our Accessories Buyer Anna says that they will still be extrememly popular this year as well! We are also seeing a trend towards the flat brim, rather than anything floppy, as well as a Western vibe to most of the styles. 


Women's Headbands


Since we're already talking about accessory trends, we have to mention something about all the fashionable headbands we've been seeing on social! Ty, our Graphic Designer, is very intuitive with upcoming styles, and she's seen an increase in outfits topped with this hair accessory that we're sure will only get bigger throughout the course of this year.


Girlfriend Jeans


Emily, our Women's Denim Buyer, is super excited about the rise in popularity for comfortable jeans! This year, we have seen jeans stretch out from the typical boyfriend/girlfriend styles to mom jeans, and we've also seen a brand new style known as grandpa jeans! We're thankful to be able to breathe and step away from the skinny jean silhouette for a bit, and we can't wait to see all the comfy jean styles coming in for 2020!


Girl's Corduroy Styles


This year, our Children's Fashion Buyer has seen a huge rise in corduroy styles for girls! Nick says that we should expect to even see styles in spring that incorporate this fun, textured fabric. We think that corduroy is such a fun new look that will be absolutely adorable for our little fashionistas out there. 


Women's Shoe Trends


Our Women's Shoe Buyer, Danielle, thinks that our hottest styles will incorporate some sort of lug bottom to their design. She says that our main styles for spring, summer, fall and winter will all generally have this stylistic touch since it is the hot new look that everyone is searching for. Bring on the chunky heels and lug bottom boots! 


Hydro Flasks


Ok, VSCO girls aside, we have loved how Hydro Flasks have risen above the rest of the drinkware crowd. As the perfect canvas for your favorite vinyl stickers or custome paint job, we think that this brand of drinkware will only increase in popularity over the next year. Jim, one of our Men's Fashion Buyers, also attributes some of their success towards their environmental approach and the rising green movement of our youth today. 


Men's Accessories


Nicole, our Young Men's Fashion Buyer, is noticing a much larger trend of men's accessories than years past. Bracelets, necklaces, and rings as well as a single ear piercing are just a few of the items to add to your guy's accessory collection in 2020 next to the typical man's watch.


Men's Athleisure Trends


Everyone likes to be comfy, and our Men's Athletic Fashion Buyer, Katina, has seen more guys reaching for brand names to create athleisure, streetwear looks. Joggers have almost beat out jeans in both men's and boys fashion, and we're here for these comfy vibes! In 2020 she thinks that guys will be incorporating more fleece and comfort into their looks all year round. 


Men's Hey Dude Shoes


With comfort on the brain, we couldn't finish this blog without mentioning Hey Dude Shoes! Paige, our Men's Footwear Buyer only has high aspirations for this brand since their comfortable style and materials have made these slip-on shoes such a must-have recently. We can't wait to see what new fabrics and styles this brand has in store for the future as we continue through this year! 


Thanks for reading! 

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