What Do I Pair with Straight, Flares, and Skinny Jeans?

How to Style Jeans: Skinny, Straight, and Flare

If you've been on social media in the last year, as most of us have, you've probably heard all about the skinny jean vs mom jean debate. What started as a harmless video trend, sparked the infamous debate between Gen Z and Millennials. Here at Glik's, we don't play favorites when it comes to jean styles. Skinny, straight, and flares are the same to us- you just need to know how to properly style each pair. While this seems like a fad, how to style denim silhouettes is valuable fashion knowledge, as jean styles are very cyclical. 

What to Pair with Skinny Jeans

The Skinny Jean

Great for pairing with oversized top pieces, skinny jeans keep your outfit from looking too baggy- if you're not into street style. Grab that oversized blazer, shacket, or super cozy sweater! Skinny jeans bring slight and sleek differentiation when it comes to a whole outfit. Try to focus on shoes that are light- this may not be a good time for a bulky trainer. Think lug boots, heels, or a low top sneaker. If your jeans are too long, don't forget to cuff! 

What to pair Straight Jeans with

The Straight Leg Jean

If you're aiming for simplicity, the straight jean can be approached in an opposite fashion that you may use for the skinny jeans. Think body suits, bramis, tees, or bodycon sweaters, these tighter tops can help offset the wide nature of these jeans. However, if you're wanting to try something new, a streetwear-inspired look can sometimes involve pairing a shacket or oversized sweater with a wide or straight leg jean. One of my favorite things about wide leg jeans, is that they are a great match for almost any shoe! You don't have to worry about your footwear being too bulky and offsetting the look. 

What to Pair with Flare Jeans

The Flare Jean  

Flares are one of the most fun jean styles, but do stand as one of the hardest to style. Many flares have the top makeup of a skinny jean and wide leg qualities that start at the knee. These jeans can be paired with structured jackets that are on the shorter side as well as tighter tops. Usually high-waisted and long in makeup, flare jeans are the perfect opportunity to break out a cropped sweater and your favorite heeled booties

The beauty of denim is that anyone can wear different denim styles and they're so readily available. You can trust having these three silhouettes on hand will make for so many outfit combinations. For more style inspiration, make sure to follow us @gliksofficial and use #gliksstyle for all your instagramable Glik's looks!

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