What’s Coming in Menswear | Magic 2014

Our August Magic 2014 trip to Las Vegas was a huge success for the men’s team at Glik’s! With precision research and trend spotting, we will have you looking amazing in 2015! We were able to scope out all of the best product men’s retail has to offer in order to bring it into our Midwest stores. Here are two major call outs in menswear:

1) Denim

No surprise here! As the seasons begin to change, the love for denim has not!

Jacob Davis Denim

In stores now, we are bringing in a new denim brand called Jacob Davis. This premium denim is going to add an exciting new twist to our denim selection for Fall 2014!


Silver Jeans Company

New jean fits such as the Silver Jeans Craig and Hunter styles for Men are purchased and set to hit stores now through holiday and spring.


Glik’s Branded 1897 Denim

Exciting new styles of 1897 Jeans are ordered and ready to go for the late fall 2014 and spring 2015 shopping.

1897 jeans


2) Novelty Prints

It’s all about novelty, novelty, novelty! You didn’t get enough of it in 2014, so we are bringing in new and fun prints to spice up all of our men’s trendy wardrobes for Spring ’15!




Shannon Forcade–Men’s Buyer


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