Vans Shoes Off the Wall and at Gliks


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Time to hop on the Van-wagon and grab yourself a pair of these forever classic sneakers whose styling has hardly changed since their founding in 1966.

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No Vans in your closet? Say what!? Brah, I’m here to tell you why it’s time to add a pair or five to your collection. Don’t have a Glik’s Store nearby? Well lucky you Vans Footwear has hit the web! These “perfect for every occasion” sneakers will keep you in style without breaking the bank. Their canvas upper and rubber soles are timeless, comfortable and durable. These shoes are the Levi’s of the sneaker world, classic and “cool” since 1966. Glik’s offers a variety of different styles on the web from Classic Slip-on and Authentic to Era 59’s and even flip flops.

Vans shoes sneakers

1897 pocket tee cargo shorts tribal vans

American flag vans merica red

1897 tribal pocket tee black vans and cargo shorts

Whether your style is prep, skater, hipster, or Americana trust that there’s a Vans shoe for you. Patagonia polo 1897 flat front shorts all white vans

1897 tribal tank flat front short all white vans

vans off the wall shoes sneakers

1897 tropical tank cargo shorts black checker vans

retro fit anchor pocket shirt all white vans

american flag vans flip flops

And I’ll bet that your favorite rapper, actor, singer, athlete probably has a few pair in their closet. Start your collection today!

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Vans Shoes Off the Wall and at Gliks-Shop Now

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