Trend Alert: Pretty in Pink

Trend Alert: Pretty in Pink

Pink is definitely a lady’s color. Which is why we are SO excited that it has become a huge trend in 2022. Seen on influencers like Kim Kardashian, it is the hottest color of the year. From dresses to shoes, pink (especially hot pink) is seen everywhere. It gives that extra pop of color you needed in your life. Wanting to add a splash of pink to you closet? Here are some ways to incorporate pink into your wardrobe.

Casual Pink Collection

Yes, pink is a very fun and vibrant color, but there are ways of styling the color for a casual look. Whether is a shacket or a top, pink can be easily paired with any style of denim. Plus, it is a color for all seasons. Bight and vibrant for spring and summer, but for fall and winter, a deeper and warmer shade of pink. Who said pink was just a summer color?! Regardless if it is being layered or not, the ways to style a casual pink look are endless.

Going Out Pink Collection

Be prepared to turn heads! Pink is the perfect color to stand out in the crowd when going out with your friends. Dresses, bottoms, and tops oh my! With a pair of heels, get ready to strut your stuff around the bar or dance club with a newfound confidence. Look great, feel great, love yourself and the color pink because it is here to say!

Color Block Pink Collection

Mix-matching colors?! Color block is also another popular trend in 2022, so why not put the two trends together. Whether it is two different shads of pick or other bright colors, pink shines through and makes sure it stays the star of the show. These tops are fun and will show your personality to anyone who wears them. You will never have enough pink in your close and, with the color block trend, there are different prints, patterns and colors.

Pink is not everyone’s favorite color, but if is the color of the year. Bright colors and Y2K fashion are making a comeback quickly and don’t see them ending anything soon. Add your favorites to you wishlist and begin shopping!

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