Top 5 Menswear Trends for Fall 2013

The first week of November certainly signals our final farewell to summer; a sudden drop in temperature, even that crisp note in the air is now present on your morning jogs. Autumn is here in all its rich hues and glorious notes. Can you sense it? We sure can, especially in the world of menswear. Maybe it’s the hour we gained this past weekend, which marked the end of daylight savings. Don’t get me wrong; I truly appreciated that extra hour of sleep that I didn’t even notice I had been gifted. At least, not until I noticed the hour difference between my cell and everything else, but this whole dark by 6pm thing? What’s up with that? That very loss of light is the key to evoking the final phase of our wardrobes’ transition… Chunky knit sweaters, statement scarves, tartan plaids, camo prints, and rich hues have arrived! That’s right, ladies; don’t you just looove seeing a well-dressed man (especially when it’s your man)?  I am so excited to share Fall 2013’s top 5 trends in menswear!

 1. Statement Scarves.


We dig scarves; they’re a huge trend and it’s no secret that the right statement scarf can make or break an ensemble. From funky patterns, thick fabrics, chunky knits, to full on blanket sized– have fun guys, because anything goes this fall.

IMG_4182Menswear Scarf / Trashed Nouveau Men’s Cardigan Sweater / Social Republic Plaid Flannel Shirt

2. Military.

IMG_4256Trashed Nouveau Sweater / Dark Wash Slim Straight Men’s Denim

The military infusion on menswear is nothing new. Actually, it’s never left; but instead, continuously being re-invented and infused into seasonal trends. Camouflage made a measurable impact on the fashion scene this summer and has transitioned itself into fall. From traditional bright greens to olive, army green tones that are interpreted into everything from the classic, deconstructed look down to bolder graphic takes on the camo pattern. IMG_4248

Social Republic Men’s Plaid Flannel Shirt / Men’s Military Utility Jacket

3. Plaid.

Menswear is inundated in tartans [plaid] and checks this fall. The casual plaid shirt has held its own in menswear for more than a year– actually it seems like an eternity if you think back to the lumberjack or even better, the inescapable 90’s grunge era (as if you would ever want to forget that). From the runways to the streets this pattern can be seen in many different forms and infused into many ‘looks’. IMG_4225

( Our model can’t contain himself. He just loves his plaid.)

Social Republic Men’s Plaid Flannel Shirt / Dark Wash Slim Straight Men’s Denim

May I just add that, I can never get enough of Jordan Catalano’s perfect in plaid outfits from My So-Called Life– if you have not seen this series yet, then I suggest you make like a tomato and ketchup!

4.  Southwestern.

Making its way to the list is the ever versatile southwestern print– an open-ended term, this tribal-inspired pattern can also be identified as Aztec, or Navajo. So, what’s so fun about this print? Easy. You can virtually infuse it into any look for fall, and with any print.

IMG_41733rd & Army Plaid Shirt / Aztec Sweater


Social Republic Aztec Pullover Hoodie / Artistry in Motion Chambray Woven


Social Republic Aztec Pullover Hoodie / Chor Men’s Canvas Utility Jacket

5. Burgundy.

IMG_4155Sweater / Jacket

A classic fall hue– burgundy can be translated in many rich, wine-tone ways. Of course you may have that odd shirt, tee, or even sweater in your closet that is burgundy but why don’t you seriously consider incorporating this warm and versatile color into your wardrobe more often.

IMG_4170Patagonia Men’s Better Sweater Quarter Zip / Vest

So there you have it, a list full of menswear items that fully deserve to be added to any guy’s wardrobe this autumn. We want to know what your favorite menswear trends are for fall/winter? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook.

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