TOMS Advocate Round-Up in St. Louis, MO

TOMS Advocates in St. Louis, MO

Last week, TOMS held an event for all of the TOMS advocates in the Midwest. They chose to hold the event in Glik’s hometown, St. Louis, Missouri. Eight Glik’s employees had the amazing opportunity of participating in the TOMS Advocate Round-Up event. Chad Walton, Glik’s Sales Trainer, recapped his experience of the event:

“Let me just start by saying how amazing of a company TOMS is! The round up was an amazing experience that I wish our entire company could have participated in. As we arrived at the arch in St. Louis, MO, we walked up the arch steps to see 3 TOMS girls waving the TOMS flag high! As everyone got settled, I was so excited that out of the 10 people that were there 8 of the attendees were Glik’s advocates!!

We started off with some fun ice breakers that the TOMS girls had prepared to get everyone acquainted. We also did a super fun and humbling activity where we wrote on 2 clothes pins something nice and positive. We then were told that the girls do this a lot within the Toms headquarters to just be positive and make someone’s day. After writing on the clothes pins we were challenging throughout the day to secretively pin the clothes pins on a stranger to brighten their day!! After this activity we made our way onto a party bus! On the bus we each received a big box filled with TOMS goodies!!

As we made our way to our secret location that they were taking us to, we played TOMS trivia! Chad and Ali both won a pair of TOMS sunglasses for answering the right TOMS trivia questions! We finally arrived to our secret location which turned out to be an awesome organic farm on the outskirts of St. Louis. We got to take a tour of the farm and learn all about organic farming.

Taylor pulled out a radish from a hay bale while Melissa ate cherry tomatoes right from the tomato vine. Lizzy made friends with the chickens too. We all helped the farm by picking weeds from a cabbage patch. You should have seen Kindra getting down and dirty picking those weeds along with the rest of us.

After a long day of helping out at the organic farm, Larry our bus driver, picked us up and we made our way to dinner in downtown St. Louis at an awesome burger spot. Ali knew all the different burgers and delicious drinks on the menu. The TOMS girls gave us an experience none of us will ever forget! It’s so great to be able to see that they are a company that really does give back and everything about the TOMS brand means so much more to us now. Thanks TOMS!”

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