Today's Denim Trends

Current Denim TrendsLately we've been missing our jeans. Denim adds that extra something to an outfit when leggings, & other lounge wear just can't satisfy. You can easily take any pair of jeans and dress them up with a pair of heels and a blazer, or you could choose to dress them down with a graphic tee and some sneakers. No matter where you're going, your versatile denim pieces can always find a way to match up to the caliber of your outfit. In this blog we are going to break down the denim trends we're seeing out there today so that you can stay up to date with what's new in the world of women's jeans! If you're inspired by what you see, you can also find all of these styles and more available now on our website if you click here.


White Denim Jeans

White Denim Jeans:

Now you might have heard that white jeans are only "allowed" to be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but that just isn't true! Make your own fashion rules! We have seen so many more women reach for their white denim year-round than ever before. They really make the rest of your outfit pop by adding some contrast to your look! Wear any color of jeans whenever you want because you should wear what makes you happy and makes you feel like the boss babe that you are.🎇


Women's Button Fly Denim Jeans

Button Fly Jeans:

Let go of the zippers and welcome the button fly! We love this style and more women are reaching for these jeans because of two reasons. First, the buttons help to add some extra flair if you choose to wear a cropped top (which is very in style these days) or tuck in or tie up your top. Second, these closures make the waist feel more secure than a simple zipper and they are usually present on high rise styles which have become more popular lately as well.


Women's Raw Hem Jeans

Raw Hem Jeans:

This is one of my personal favorite denim trends! I'm not a big fan of rips throughout the legs because I tend to get my toes stuck in the holes when I go to put them on! 🙈 (Just me?) With a raw or destructed hem at the bottom, I can still create an edgy look when I want without the fuss of a super destructed pair of jeans. This style of jeans works for tall girls by creating an extra trendy pair of ankle cut jeans, as well as offering a stylish look for us shorter ladies with a little extra detail added to the bottom of our look. 


Women's Flare Jeans

Flare Jeans:

All different styles and levels of flare jeans are back from the 70's and we couldn't be more excited about it! We love how sophisticated these jeans look with a pair of heels in the spring or a cute pair of boots in the fall. Women are reaching for this style because it makes your legs look long by adding emphasis to your ankle & this style helps to balancing out your outfit when you choose to wear a bold or flowy top.  


Women's Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans:

The denim trend we've all been obsessed with lately is the MOM JEAN! You know you've at least tried on at least one pair this year, and if you don't own one pair you're missing out! Mom always knows best and I have no idea why we ever doubted her with this look. This style of jeans offers a high rise, a comfortable relaxed fit, and a variety of different styling options when worn with various different pieces of your wardrobe. We are also loving girlfriend, boyfriend, and any other relaxed fits lately because who doesn't want to feel comfortable in their jeans??


We hope you enjoyed this blog and our quick PSA to remind you that your jeans have been missing you! 👖 & they're looking for some new friends. Click here to check out our entire collection of women's jeans. 


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