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In this post, we are going to dive into fun colors, new patterns, and we will also revisit something familiar from the past. The last time we saw this trend in the limelight was the 70’s. However, even though this is a repeat of an old style, the method for how each design is created is much different now. Stepping back from the original spiral structures helps to make this trend fresh and new again for today’s consumer. Tie-dye has hit our warehouse in full force and we’re here to tell you why we’re loving it and why you should too.

Tie Dye Styles

One thing that is great about tie-dye is that no design can ever be a mistake. Every splash of color is in its rightful spot. The more unique, the better! We think that this has become so popular for today’s fashionista because even if you and your friend buy the exact same shirt, they will still look completely different due to the one-of-a-kind layout of colors on each piece.

Trendy Tie-Dye Fashion

Now yes, you could technically create a trendy tie-dye piece of your own from home… but not everyone has time for that! Also, due to the fact that each style turns out so unique, there will always be pieces that are must-haves from the store (like this dress below) that would be impossible to recreate. We feel the need to add each piece we fall in love with to our collection because we know that there will be nothing else that could ever be exactly like it.

Tie-dye maxi dress

Some of our brands still follow the OG tie-dye guidelines, which is great for athleisure stylists because these always tend to look a little more on the casual side of fashion. Whereas, we have found that dressing up the newer designs is a little easier than their DIY predecessors. No matter what style you choose to incorporate into your closet this year, just know that you’ll fall behind the trends if you don’t add in at least a little bit of tie-dye!

Simply Southern Tie Dye Styles

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