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Fashion always comes full circle over time, whether specific trends are repeated or simply used as inspiration. It is human nature to look back and recreate the best (or in some cases worst) times in history.

The delineator magazine

In honor of Throwback Thursday, we are going way back to the year 1896. For those of you that may not know, this was a year before Glik’s was established. Fashion back then was different in many ways, including the resources available to women in order to keep up with current style (no fashion blogs or Wanelo). But some things never change and women back then, as well as today, turned to magazines for fashion insight.  The Delineator magazine featured current fashion trends, sewing patterns, embroidery, needlework, home décor, music compositions, and even fiction short stories.

the delineator magazine

Guess which fashion style was featured in the April 1896 issue of the Delineator? Bow Back Dresses!

If your were to flip through the magazine, it would be hard not to notice the trend with bows decorating the dresses–specifically the back. Bows have been fashionable as well as practical throughout history, but we have recently seen this “bow back” trend manifest itself again.

The delineator magazine

The delineator magazine

The delineator magazine

Fashion is constantly changing and adapting, but we can always find a little bit of the past in every design. Check out our modern take on the Throwback Bow Back Top here at Glik’

bow and lace back cute fashion top

Mine Daisy Lace Chiffon Top with Bow Back Detail

scoop bow back floral top

Lovely Day Floral Bow Back Top

triple bow back fashion top

Mine Chiffon with Triple Bow Back Top

jolie bow back fashion top

Jolie Clothing High-Low Bow Back Tank

Today, bow back designs are featured by themselves or with accents such as lace. Big or small, we love the Bow Back Throwback!

What is your favorite Throwback style to wear? We want to hear about it!

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