Things to Do at Home While Practicing Social Distancing

Things to do at Home

Hi all! During this scary time of the global pandemic of COVID-19 with lots of unknowns and unanswered questions, we wanted to turn to our outlet of blog posts-- which, I’m sure most of you are turning towards the Internet and Social Platforms as well. We are all in this together and we will get through this tough and trying time!

Since most of us are practicing social distancing and self-quarantine, our daily routines have likely gotten very jumbled and out-of-whack. This can definitely create some more added stress and anxiety!  So, whether you have moved your work from your office to a newly-created WFH set-up, trying to balance life at home with the kids ALL DAY EVERY DAY, or unable to work during this time and have this new-found influx in time, we wanted to give you some tips & tricks & ideas on what you could do throughout your day.  Our goal is to make your days productive and bright as well as hoping to fulfill and create some normalcy into your new schedules. Carpe Diem ✨

If You Feel Like Staying Busy:

Stay Busy

  • Make a daily To-Do List
  • Make a life goals To-Do List
  • Go through that pile of junk mail
  • Get caught up on your bills
  • Make a playlist! 🎶
    • Or find a new favorite playlist to listen to while you work from home! We recommend on Spotify: Saturday Morning by Swati Balakrishnan or Coffeehouse by Starbucks
  • Take mini mind-breaks
  • Go for a walk
  • Do an online workout video
  • FaceTime a friend or family member
  • Do that thing you said you would do "When You Had Time" 😉

If You’re in a Creative Mood:

Get Creative

  • Have an in-house Chopped competition! Be creative with your recipes.
  • DIY the heck out of everything
  • Rearrange your furniture/decor
  • Doodle! 🖊
  • Re-purpose old clothing, candles, hangers, or picture frames
  • Make plant babies
  • Practice calligraphy or hand-lettering 🖋
  • Learn a new recipe
  • Try new makeup looks
  • Make a TikTok video!

If You Feel Like Cleaning/Freshening Up:

Clean House

  • Spring Cleaning!
  • Go through your closet & get rid of items that no longer serve you.
  • Wash your car (plus you’ll get that much-needed Vitamin D!)
  • Declutter (start small!)
  • Sanitize & Disinfect your entire house, all the nooks & crannies too.
  • Clean out your purse

If You Just Want To Relax:

Just Relax

  • Take a bubble bath/long shower 🚿
  • Take a nap
  • Give yourself a fancy and thorough manicure or pedicure
  • Meditate 💭
  • Listen to a podcast 
    • We recommend: The Office Ladies, Jenna x Julien, The Moth, Couple Things, My Favorite Murder and Wondery Podcasts.
  • Read a book (or 2 or 3) 📚
    • We recommend: The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn, The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, See me by Nicholas Sparks, All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda, Dare to Lead by Brené Brown
  • Binge watch a TV serious or start a movie marathon
    • We recommend: 100 Humans (Netflix), That 70s Show (Netflix), The Stranger (Netflix), Home Improvement & Baking Shows (Hulu), Good Girls (Netflix), Jack Ryan (Amazon), Big Little Lies (HBO), Game of Thrones (HBO), Sharp Objects (HBO), The Chef Show (Netflix)
    • We recommend: EVERY Marvel Movie (Disney+), Harry Potter Marathon, Hallmark Christmas Movie Marathon, Classic RomComs (Netflix)

If You Want to/Need to Entertain the Kids:

Play with Kids

  • Do a puzzle 🧩
  • Makeshift an indoor swimming pool in the garage
  • Build a fort
  • Create a mini-golf course
  • Make a scavenger hunt 🔍
  • Have playtime outside!
  • Hold a coloring contest 
  • Play some board games
  • Have a designated nap time or quiet time
  • Let your kids choose lunch/dinner!

Overall, on a positive note, this new norm of self-isolation and less freedom has really allowed us to s l o w d o w n and really appreciate each day.  It has allowed us to turn towards our virtual communities and be supportive, gracious, and all-welcoming to anyone we come in contact with (virtually speaking 😉). We really hope that when all of this is under control and we go back to our “normal” lives, that we are able to continue this sense of gratitude. Follow us on Instagram to get your daily dose of inspiration 💓

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