The North Face International Village Wear Collection

Winter is officially here and the world is gearing up, once again, to celebrate a broad range of stellar feats of athleticism this February in Russia. We’re excited to announce that The North Face has launched their International Collection.

The North Face International Collection was designed to capture the essence of the upcoming global competition that is set (for the first time since summer of 1980) in Russia. To celebrate the gathering of some of the world’s greatest athletes, The North Face has taken their iconic styles and re-vamped them in unique, athletic-inspired designs.  A contributing sponsor of the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) and founding partner of U.S. Freeskiing, The North Face International Collection comes just in time to follow-up the debut of The North Face U.S. Freeskiing Competition Uniform, which launched in October 2013.

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The North Face Sochi Village SS Freeski Tee for Men A7X8

The North Face Village Wear International Collection represents the top six, all-time medal-winning countries and is inspired by the iconic memories of victorious athletes wrapped in their country’s standard! The six countries represented in the North Face International Village Wear Collection are: United States, Canada, Russia, France, Italy and China. Global themed apparel is available as well.


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