The Dos and Don’ts of Fashion Shorts

With temperatures on the rise, it’s time to show some leg! Wearing fashion shorts is not only a way to keep cool in the blazing days of summer, but the right pair of shorts can also elevate your outfit from basic to Instagram worthy.

If you’re unsure how to wear cute shorts or what to wear them with, relax! I’ve got your back with a few helpful styling tips that are guaranteed to leave you looking (and feeling) your best.

fashion shorts
Don’t pair too short of shorts with high heels.

Do find the right balance between the length of your shorts and height of your heels. Keep this simple rule in mind: the shorter the shorts, the shorter the heel. The opposite also applies: the longer the shorts, the higher the heel can be.

Don’t avoid fun colors and prints.

Do find colors that flatter your skin tone and patterns that work for your body type. If you’re long and lean, don’t be afraid to try a larger print or bold color.   All my curvy girls, try sticking to a smaller print in a darker color. Vertical stripes and vibrant colors will work best for petite body types.

It’s tricky anytime you wear a pattern or bold color on your lower half, but it can be done!

Don’t write off your denim shorts.

Do find a classic pair of jean shorts that can be dressed up or down. Just like your longer length denim, shorts really will go with just about everything in your closet.

Don’t wear a shirt that covers your shorts.

Do experiment with a front tuck or try a cute knot if the shirt you’re dying to pair with your shorts is too long. As a hard rule, if your shirt is so long it looks like there’s nothing underneath, reconsider pairing them together.

Check out our selection of denim and fashion shorts and find a pair (or two) that work for you!

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