The Battle of the Generations: Skinny Jeans vs Mom Jeans

Skinny Jeans vs Mom Jeans

Are you a side part and skinny jeans kind of girl or a middle part and mom jeans kind of girl??

The year-old debate has been a force in the fashion world with new styles of denim popping up. Skinny jeans are a classic piece in every woman’s closet but we also can’t resist the mom jeans revival. So, have you been asking yourself, “Which style of denim is best for me?” and “Am I still ‘allowed’ to wear my beloved skinnies?”

The simple answer is yes; you can still wear skinny jeans and look great doing it! Wear whatever denim style works for you, no matter what each generation says. Considering different styles of denim jeans continue to go in and out of style, you do you, sis! From our own moms starting the mom jean trend in the 90’s to the transition to super skinnies in the 2000’s, it was about time the two styles met head-to-head in our own closets. I am honestly obsessed with all the styles, cuts, and washes of denim there is nowadays, and I love to experiment with the classic to retro looks that can be recreated. Glik’s offers a multitude of these denim styles in brands like KanCan Jeans, Silver Jeans, Flying Monkey Jeans, Eunina Jeans and Levi’s (to name a few).

To help decide which one works for you, here are a few tips and tricks on what they are and how to style your favorite denim jeans!

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans

The skinny jean has been seen as a staple for many women over the years for its flattering and slimming figure. Just like the name, it features a skinny leg throughout, with a tight fit through the hips and legs. Skinny jeans normally have a mid to high rise waist; although having started as low-rise (please don’t make a comeback🤞), high-rise waist jeans are universal in its trimming silhouette. Along with the high rise, inseams of skinny jeans are on the “rise”, leaning towards a 26”-27” inseam for an ankle length jean. I like the variety of washes, destructed details, and frayed hems that are becoming more available as well.

How to Style? (from some of our own Glik’s Home Office Associates)

  1. Our in-house photographer, Alyson, would style her favorite skinny jeans with a high neck tank top, solid color shacket, and a fun pair of mules to complete the look!
  2. Rachel W, our web merchandiser, is obsessed with the all-black ‘fit. Pair high-waisted black skinnies, a black tank top, and black slip-on sandals as a must have summer outfit.
  3. The social media manager on our team, Rachel M, likes to pair her skinny jeans with an oversized, flowy top and cute heels. She also reminded us to French tuck (s/o to Tan France) our tops for an effortlessly chic look. 

Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans

The mom jean has a bad rap of being more unfashionable and unflattering compared to the skinny jean, however contemporary brands have brought them back in a new light. Offered in distressed and cropped styles, mom jeans bring a different look to your classic denim. They feature a relaxed fit, baggy zipper/leg area, and longer back pockets that accentuate the high-rise waist. Comfort is key with the mom jean! Along with mom jeans, straight leg jeans and girlfriend or boyfriend jeans are becoming equally exchangeable in the fashionable AND comfy denim market.

How to Style? (from some of our own Glik’s Home Office Associates)

  1. Alyson says to wear your medium wash mom/straight leg jeans with a white collared shirt and platform sneakers for a classic yet trendy look.
  2. A plain white tee and printed jacket styled with mom jeans is Rachel W’s go-to. Finished with simple sandals or fun sneakers, we totally agree. 😍
  3. Rachel M loves wearing her boyfriend jeans with Birkenstock sandals and tighter tops like a ribbed Henley or simple brami

*Pro tip: Styling loose tops with skinny jeans and fitted tops with mom jeans, helps give your body a flattering shape. 

Whichever style of denim you choose to wear, there’s seriously nothing better than a comfortable, quality pair of denim jeans in your closet. We love the fact that there are so many styles out there that you can build your wardrobe according to what you want to wear that day. You don’t have to stick to a specific shape, cut, or wash!! Whatever your fashion inspiration or style is, there truly is a pair of denim for you. Shop all of your favorite styles on today and tag us @gliksofficial to share what your favorite style of denim is and how you would style it. ❤

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