The ABC’s of How to Wear a Crop Top

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Just like the temperature, the hemlines of shirts are rising. Spring and summer are the perfect times of the year to show a little extra skin. Crop tops are sexy, feminine, and have a youthful appeal. If seeing a crop top makes you automatically feel intimidated, don’t be. Crop tops will be one of the biggest fashion trends this upcoming season, and finding the right fit and length for your body type is easy as A B C.

Crop tops for women are versatile, and when styled correctly can be flattering. Getting the right length for your body type is imperative. There are a lot of styles to pick from:  high cropped shirts, mid-crop tops, high-low crop tops, and so on and so on. Let me help guide you through some of lengths and styles and how to wear them. Remember to consider what bottoms you will wear with your cropped shirt to help you choose the most flattering length.

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The bottoms that you choose to wear are extremely important. No matter how toned and skinny you are, the wrong bottoms with the wrong style of crop top can give you a muffin top. To avoid this muffin top situation, layer your crop with a fitted cami. Wearing a cami under your cropped shirt allows you to indulge in this trend even if you don’t want to bare any skin. (Although layering a nude tank under your crop top can give the illusion of bare skin.) A basic black cami can have a slimming effect under your nautical striped crop top. Who doesn’t want that? Another great color strategy can be adding a brightly colored tank under a cropped shirt. This 2fer look  is a popular way to style your crop top.

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With or without a tank top, crop top length is very important. Yes, lengths! Not all crop tops are designed to show off your belly. Wearing the appropriate length when picking out your cropped shirt can make or break a look.

A.  High-Cut Crop Tops

If you have an attractive mid-section and want to bare it all, do it! Don’t be overwhelmed with the high hemline on cropped tops. Opting for a higher cut crop top is great for casual days. Wearing this style is fun and flirty and is perfect for when you’re hanging out by the pool side and don’t want to wear just a bikini. High cut crop tops hit higher on the torso. The bottom seam of the shirt may hit a few inches below the bust or at the bottom the rib cage, depending on the length of your torso. You can also pair your top with a pair of distressed high-waisted shorts. Make sure the shorts you wear hit you in a flattering spot and accentuate your shape. Machine Jeans have some great styles this spring that will look amazing paired with cropped shirts.

B.  Mid-Length Crop Tops

There’s a happy medium for ladies who want to show just a sliver of skin. The mid-length crop top hits you right under your naval and is one of my favorite styles to wear. The midi looks great paired with many different styles of bottoms. High-waisted shorts and pants have been on the fashion scene for quite a while. (If you don’t have a pair, now is the time girls.) The fit of high-waisted jeans can give you a conservative fashion forward look and show just a sliver of your stomach. Other great midi styles are the crops that have fringe along the bottom hem. These boho styled crop tops look great with high-waisted shorts and sandals.

C. High Low Crop Tops

High low crop tops are by far my favorite and so versatile that they can be worn to a dinner date or to a water park. Whether loose or fitted, high-low crop tops typically have a cut that hits below the belly button, but above the waistline of your pants. Wearing your cropped top with a layering piece is a great way to look fashionable and not feel underdressed. Not only do high-low crop tops have a longer back and sides for additional coverage, but its cropped length is just short enough to show off a pair of really cute shorts.

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Now that you know the ABC’s to wearing a crop top, visit your local Glik’s or check out our website at for our new spring arrivals.

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