Take the Pledge: Patagonia

Almost two years ago, I came across this ad that caught me completely off guard. Patagonia ran an ad urging its outdoorsy customers to buy less–“Don’t Buy This Jacket” – sit out Cyber Monday, and really consider the purchases that you intend to make.


Take the Pledge

Do you really need this jacket? I respect and connect with the message that Patagonia’s founder and owner, Yvon Chouinard was attempting to relay to us, the consumers. With a company mantra of “reduce, repair, reuse, recycle.” it’s not hard to grasp the meaning behind this thoughtful stance,


“Patagonia is to corporate sustainability what Steve Jobs was to computers.”



Patagonia donates 1 percent (1% for the Planet) of its sales to environmental causes and co-founded the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, where the aim is for companies to lighten their environmental footprints. Dare I mention Patagonia’s other programs that facilitate to their “Becoming a Responsible Company,” model? In case you’re further interested, you can visit Patagonia’s website here and learn just how environmentally involved this outdoors brand is. I think my favorite is the Employee Activism. Patagonia provides its employees numerous opportunities to support environmental work. The Environmental Internship Program was created to further involve Patagonia (time and muscle, not just monetary) in conservation efforts. Here’s the cool part,


Through the program, employees can leave their jobs for up to two months to work for the environmental group of their choice. Patagonia continues to pay their salaries and benefits while they’re gone, and environmental groups worldwide get them for free. To date, more than 900 employees have taken part in the program.”


In line with the “reduce, repair, reuse, recycle” motto; Patagonia uses both recycled bottles and organic cotton in the production of its apparel, as well as uses solar panels to provide most of the electricity at its headquarters. Patagonia also accepts back used merchandise to recycle it into new fabric or reuse it for new product.

Because we believe in Patagonia’s mission we’re offering 25% off select product from Patagonia, both in-store and at gliks.com through December 1st, 2013.


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