Sun Tea Summer Fun!

ImageWhat a fantastic way to start off the week! Kaity and I, the social media team, decided to try our hand at homemade sun tea. It was a huge success! I’m going to be making this all weekend long and share it with everyone. I mean seriously….it was delicious, and so easy. Here is what you need:

A mason jar (for single serving) or a pitcher

Your choice of tea (we tried green tea and sun tea)


Mint leaves



All you have to do is fill up your mason jar or pitcher with water, add the tea bags. We used two tea bags per mason jar, but you could alter the amount depending on how strong you like it. Next, we sliced up a lemon and dropped the slices right in, added some mint leaves, and done! We let these jars sit out in the sun for about 2 hours.


Meanwhile, Kaity and I made some berry infused ice cubes to put into the finished tea. Quite simple, but genius. Just put some frozen berries in an ice cube tray and fill with water, and freeze!


After about two hours, we went back outside to check on our jars and this is what we found:Image

Success! My mouth was watering just looking at those beautiful colors. We added the berry infused ice cubes to our jars (okay, and a packet of sugar), and enjoyed our creation. It was magnificent.


What I’m wearing: Tie Dye Maxi Skirt, Naked Zebra Tank


I believe everyone should enjoy something as sweet and simple as some homemade sun tea every Monday! Try it out yourself!


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