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Summer Glik's Style Blog Summer is finally here, the sun is out, and we’re all starting to dress for the heat. Swimsuits are off the menu because you were super prepared and bought your new summer suit back in March. So, even though you’re all set to hang by the pool on the reg, what are you going to wear for the rest of your summer plans and activities? If you’re wanting to make fashion statements all summer long without having to replace your entire closet, keep reading! We have so many easy trends that take an outfit from boring to wow in 2 seconds!   

Summer colorful shoe statementsLet’s start from the bottom and talk about shoes. To be completely honest, if you grab some rope from a craft store, wrap it around any of your shoes from home and secure it with some hot glue, you’ve just created the trendiest summer shoe of 2019! (DIY blog coming soon?) However, we have some more options that we think will last past this espadrille trend that you should keep your eye out for. Here’s the scoop: we think it’s a necessity to have at least one pair of colorful shoes in your collection. In the image above, you can see two bright red sandals that our associates have styled with their stunning #gliksstyle outfits. We firmly believe that your oldest outfit can look completely new, just by adding a colorful shoe to the mix. So, try it out this summer and see what you think! (BTW, even though these two are wearing red styles, this concept works with ANY color, as long as the color you choose compliments or coordinates with the rest of the look.)

Summer sandals and summer sneakers for womenNow, let’s tone things down a little bit. Neutrals are HUGE right now, and so are lightweight summer sneakers. The two brands you need to know in order to slay the summer shoe game are: Blowfish Malibu, and Hey Dude Shoes. Blowfish Malibu offers an amazing selection of summer sandals, platforms, and sneakers that we fall in love with every single year. Every single product they bring to the table shows off their unique style that helps every new pair stand out from the rest. Each style is comfortable along with being easy to dress up or down. But if you’re stocked up on sandals and you’re just looking for comfort, we can’t believe you haven’t heard of Hey Dude Shoes! (Yes, they also make styles for dudettes.) These babies are so lightweight that they can show off their flotation powers at your next pool party. The days of heavy feet are behind you and days of comfort and breath-ability are ahead. These two brands will always provide quality design and construction along with the trendiest styles you can think of, so give them a look if you’re thinking about revamping your shoe collection!

Summer dresses for womenOk so now you’re wondering, what about my outfit?? Here’s where we’ll say, “keep things simple.” Thankfully, dresses are back on the top of the charts, so all you have to do is pick a pair of shoes, throw on a comfy dress or jumpsuit, and you’re literally ready to head out the door in two steps. Obviously, you can add your own spin on this stunning combination, but those two pieces create a great foundation for your new favorite summer look! Whatever style, shape, cut or material you prefer, BREAK OUT THE DRESSES! (and the rompers and the jumpsuits, they want in on the fun too.)

Summer tshirts for womenIf dresses aren’t your jam, don’t worry! There’s still a super easy way to stay stylish this summer, and it’s called, “graphic tees.” These tops are L I T E R A L L Y perfect with everything. Here, we’ll prove it to you. Grab out your favorite graphic tee. Now go take out your favorites from these categories: jeans, leggings, shorts, skirts, sundresses, and t-shirt dresses. You can combine your tee differently with each of those pieces and you’ll look fashionable and trendy all summer long. Tuck a brand-new graphic tee into your favorite pant/shorts/skirts, or tie it up and wear it over your favorite sundress in order to take any outfit to the next level. (We recommend the tie up style with the graphic tees that have the design on the front rather than the back, but it really does work with both if you prefer the design on the back of your top.)

Pony scarf for women“But what will I do with my hair??” You’ve probably seen all over social media that scrunchies are back and they’re hotter than ever, but have you met their sister the pony scarf? This hybrid between a scrunchie and a hair scarf has our heads turning all season long. You can tie it in a bow, you can let it hang low, you can basically do whatever you want and it’s going to look adorable! The hair possibilities are endless and they even look cute tied on your wrist, or tied to your purse strap as an accessory for your accessories. Our favorite styles are the ones with animal print because we think that they will perfectly transition into fall.

Shop all of these summer faves on our website or at your local store. If you're still needing more summer style inspo, check out our instagram and give us a follow! 

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