Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Holiday shopping is in full swing, and you can’t forget about stocking stuffers! Small items to fill your stockings are a must, and we have a few ideas to get you thinking about what you will need this holiday. The key to stocking stuffers – small, one-size-fits-all items.

Glik's Stocking Stuffers

1. Boot Socks 2. Rastaclat Bracelets (men and women) 3. Infinity Scarf (available in 24 different colors!) 4. Pink Pewter Headbands 5. Fleece Lined or Fur Lined Leggings 6. Jewelry 7. Chunky Infinity Scarf (available in 4 different colors!)

1. Socks may seem like a cliche Christmas gift, but everyone loves and needs them! Especially boot socks – warm, cozy, and now a fashion statement, boot socks are an easy stocking stuffer.

2. Rastaclat paracord bracelets are gender neutral – with multiple colors you can get a few for each child!

3. This simple infinity scarf comes in 24 different colors! If you know a scarf-lover, why not get several different colors? At $12 you can’t afford not to!

4. Pink Pewter Headbands are the biggest trend in accessories! These dazzling jeweled headbands add sparkle and style to your outfit. Coveted by many because of Carrie Underwood’s appearances wearing Pink Pewter, any  girl would love to own a style or two of these headbands.

5. Fleece lined leggings are quite possibly the best little gift a girl can receive, and they are only $6!!! These leggings are one-size-fits-all and are the warmest leggings you will ever wear! These fleece lined leggings come in several different colors, also available are fur-lined leggings! You can get these leggings in juniors sizes (one-size-fits-all) or girls sizes (one-size-fits-all).

6. Jewelry is an easy stocking stuffer. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings, girls are sure to love them all!

7. Chunky infinity scarves are a huge fashion statement – plus they keep you super warm! Available in multiple colors, this warm and cozy, thick infinity scarf is an easy gift to give.

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