Southern Preppy Clothing Brands at Glik’s

Southern Preppy Brands at Glik's

You don’t have to live in the South to enjoy the Southern preppy style! Southern preppy brands have migrated into the Midwest and since have exploded in popularity. Full of humor, personality, and class, the preppy clothing brands have collectively created styles that appeal to everyone. Once popular with only college students here in the Midwest, Southern clothing brands have branched out to encompass a much larger demographic.

lauren james southern preppy tee shirts

With brands like Simply Southern, Lauren James, or JadeLynn Brooke, you will never worry about how to dress preppy. Here are some of the Southern preppy clothing brands we carry at Glik’s:

Southern Marsh
Known for their Rebecca Jersey pullover, we are in love with the Southern Marsh embroidered back jersey and contrasting pocket.

Southern Marsh rebecca jersey pullover

southern marsh cocktail collection

Jadelynn Brooke
Founded by three sisters, the Southern clothing brand Jadelynn Brooke has witty and fun shirts that will make you smile and stand out (in the best way).

jadelynn brooke collection founders
jadelynn brooke southern preppy tees
Jadelynn brooke tee shirts

Lauren James
Best known for their Livingston seersucker dress, the Lauren James Collection also includes cute tees and their original seersucker back pullover jersey.

Laren James seersucker dress
Lauren james seersucker dress
lauren james seersucker pullover

lauren james seersucker bow back dress

Southern Shirt Company
Definitely one of the most popular southern preppy clothing brands, Southern Shirt Co. started in 2006 and has since become “Your New Favorite Shirt.”

Southern shirt company tees and pullovers
Southern shirt company jersey pullover
southern shirt styles
Southern Shirt co tie dye print

Simply Southern
With colorful and cute designs, the Simply Southern clothing brand has created a preppy tee shirt collection that reminds everyone what living in the South is all about.

Simply southern tees
simply southern life is grand tee
simply southern tee shirts pearls

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