Fall Re-Boot: Must-Haves for the Season

Fall Re Boot Blog

Right now we want ALL the boots we’re seeing because our new arrivals are spot on to what we’re craving! Our shoe collections are screaming, "It's time for a reboot!" Pointed toes, grungy lug bottoms, classic styles, animal prints and much more will be included in this shoe-centered blog. Lace-up and get ready to dive into our current favorite footwear picks!   


Women's Chelsea Boots

The Chelsea Boot

Now here is a classic that just won’t quit. We have seen so many different versions of this all-around flattering shoe and we honestly love them ALL! This classic style can actually be dated back to the Victorian era (talk about vintage!) and was stylish to wear for both men and women, just like it is today. The “Chelsea Boot” look is generally defined by a close-fitting, ankle high silhouette and an elastic side panel which, as you can see, can come in many sizes and shapes. This style needs to have a slip-on quality or they don’t count! Add one of these (or two) to your collection and you will want to wear them with every outfit.


 Women's Pointed Toe Booties

Pointed Toe Booties

Let’s take all the styles you already know and love and remix that look with a pointed toe! We promise that this classy feature will dress-up any look. Turning your casual Friday look into high-fashion business attire, these boots are a must-have this year. These pointy toes also look great when worn with multiple styles! Whether you want to rock a dress, your favorite pair of ripped ankle jeans or long flare jeans, gravitate towards these pointed toes and you’ll never go wrong.


Women's Lug Boots

The Lug Boot

We want heels and we want them to be CHUNKY! Lug boots have been one of our top selling styles for weeks now because of their functional fashion qualities. With a sturdy lug boot heel, you’ll be able to make a high-fashion statement and NEVER miss out on comfort. Your steps will never be shaky with such a firm foundation. No matter the height, or what style is happening above these chunky heels, we are 100% here for this lug bottomed look!


Women's Animal Print Boots

Animal Print Boots

This trend still hasn’t hit it’s peak!! We are seeing all different forms of animal print hit the runway and we couldn’t be more excited. If you still haven’t jumped onto this trend, one of the easiest way to start is by jumping into a pair of these shoes. Whether you’re reaching for a pair that offers a full-coverage look, or one that just offers accents of animal, you’re sure to make a statement when you wear these out! From casual to dressy, this is a print that we’re ready to rock all season long.


Women's Duck Boots

Duck Boots

How can we be seeing winter weather already? Didn’t 2019 just start a few months ago?... Well you’ll never have to fear cold toes again with a pair of Duck boots in your closet! We all know about clothing basics (solid tanks and tees, jean jackets, etc.) and we believe that duck boots are a necessary basic for fall and winter fashion! This is the one casual boot that you’ll want to wear every day due to comfort and coziness. The waterproof feature and non-slick treads are also super helpful when we start to see snow and rain. We are loving all of the new colors that were released this season and we can’t wait for you to check out our current collection!


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