Sanuk Yoga Sling with Boho Flair

Where have all the free spirited hippies gone? The originals are still among us but a new generation has emerged. The bohemian style has been around since the 60s, but bohemian styles have been revitalized and are breathing life into some of the biggest spring and summer fashion trends. Whether you practice yoga, deep meditation, or just find yourself inspired by vintage clothing, with boho flares, you can embrace this New Age Gypsy movement.


The modern boho chic clothing style is for girls that like earthy charms and shoes made from natural elements. From your soul to your sole, you can feel tranquility, balance, and happiness wearing Sanuk Sandals. The solace of standing on a yoga mat is one of my favorite feelings, so my  love for yoga and comfort has made me a Sanuk Sandal crusader. While feeling the comfort of the all-natural elements of Sanuk Yoga Sling Sandals you can easily roll out the boho style. Inspired by the comfort of Sanuks and bohemian styles, I grabbed a few of my Glik’s gals that epitomize the aura of bohemian chic.



Like a New age wave of hippie inspired girls, Sanuks Yoga Mat Sandals  hold the title for being a revolutionary shoe. The recyclable materials of the Sanuk Yoga Mat Sling Sandal  have appeal and are an essential for effortless style.  Sanuk was founded by SoCal native Jeff Kelley. His love for surfing lead him to the magnificent creation of his inspiring and eco-friendly designs. The Thai word “Sanuk” means to find happiness, and it is so possible while wearing these amazing sandals.




A token style of the 60s is the iconic dyeing technique that has passed generation to generation. Tie-dye is said to be the epitome of hippie-inspired clothing and it has made its way into the life of the modern boho princess.  Piles of gold bangles and a commanding necklace will give you a throwback vibe and add more flair to this intoxicating print. What’s a princess without her crown of glory? The right hat just helps keep the mood going and brings immediate bohemian swagger. A bejeweled belt from Pink Pewter adds more than just a dash of spice; it completes this vintage gypsy guise. boho styles


The true spiritual drive of the gypsy is travel and traveling in the proper fashion should always be on top of the list. A scarf adds many possibilities; it can tied, twisted, draped or wrapped. A colorful scarf adds a bit of pizzazz to the most casual of dress. This feather print scarf signifies more than just great style, it gives sustenance to the free spirit of all hippie-inspired women. Tie one on and call your bohemian look a wrap.boho-collage-2


When you think of some of the most popular hippie styles, there may be a couple of prints that come to mind: tie-dye and of course the American Flag. The American flag is a true representation of freedom and evokes the feeling of being a hippie. The chic hippie-rocker or American sweetheart look can be done by all  dames. These American Flag printed shorts are a cute throwback to the 60s along with this USA handmade flag straw tote bag. You really can’t go wrong with these ‘so-right’ inspirational pieces. kim1-534x10241

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