Ride For Ci Yo-Yo’s: Charity for Cystic Fibrosis




Yo-yo’s are a childhood pastime for most of us. Glik’s is now selling limited edition Ride for Ci yo-yo’s for the Ride for Ci charity that supports cystic fibrosis. 100% of proceeds from the yo-yo’s go to charity, so why not order one today and have some fun while supporting a fantastic cause?

Duncan Toys teamed up with Dano the Mano (Announcer of “King of Wake” Professional Wakeboarding series) to raise funds for cystic fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder that that affects the lungs and digestive system. Around 1,000 new cases of cystic fibrosis are diagnosed each year, the majority of which are children. With research and medical advancements, the average life expectancy of a person diagnosed with cystic fibrosis today is now in the late 30s.

Ride for Ci is a charity that was started by Nicola Butler, three-time Woman’s World Wakeboard Champion and two-time Queen of Wake. Nicola started the Ride for Ci charity in January of 2013 after she lost her best friend Cianne Naji to cystic fibrosis. To help Nicola’s charity, Dano teamed up with Duncan Toys to make yo-yo’s with Nicola’s artwork to help raise funds and awareness for cystic fibrosis.  100% of proceeds from the yo-yo’s go to the Ride For Ci campaign.
Some of the Glik’s team was able to meet Dano at the Minocqua Blast Wake Event a few weeks ago in Wisconsin. Dano told us about his cause and we wanted to jump on board to help him raise money for this amazing campaign to create awareness for cystic fibrosis. We watched Dano play with his yo-yo’s all day, check out some of the footage on our YouTube page.
Dano’s initial goal was to raise $5,000, but the yo-yo’s have brought in over $6,000 already! You can help raise awareness and funds for cystic fibrosis by purchasing one of these Ride For Ci yo-yo’s. 100% of proceeds will go towards the charity. To find out more information about cystic fibrosis and Dano’s initiative with Duncan Yo-Yo’s, check out his blog here. 

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