Pink Pewter Stretch Headbands

This week a new women’s accessory line, Pink Pewter, made its debut on our New Arrivals page at This fashion forward  hair and jewelry accessory line for women offers absolutely stunning high-fashion accessories that are both fun, edgy, and versatile enough to be used in a wide range of looks. Accentuate any outfit effortlessly with an embellished, stretch headband from Pink Pewter, or completely switch up your whole entire look.

Pink Pewter’s founder, Mireya Villarreal, created this brand with one, clear-cut ambition. As a creative hairstylist herself, she wanted to create an accessory line that would not only transform old ‘looks’, but at the same time revitalize old hairstyles by keeping them in pace with modern trends.

As a stylist, Mireya has worked in the beauty industry for runway and for international performing artists. She was able to gain a unique perspective into the flow of trends throughout her time spent traveling, which in turn allowed her direction on developing her own line of chic accessories that are designed to compliment a wide variety of looks and personalities. Pink Pewter started as a small collection of headbands and clips. Now it has grown into a full line of accessories and jewelry products that are diligently kept up-to-date with the hottest fabrics, colors, cuts, and materials. Each design that Pink Pewter produces in its collection is unique as well as stunning.

Check out this great brand video that Pink Pewter did for their YouTube channel!

We’ve added 3 new styles of stretch headbands from Pink Pewter to our New Arrivals page:

center-noel-bronzePink Pewter Noel Rhinestone Stretch Headband

pink-pewter-allisonPink Pewter Allison Rhinestone Stretch Headband

Pink-Pewter-piper-headbandPink Pewter Piper Feather and Stone Stretch Headband

Pink Pewter has a ton of great tutorial videos on their YouTube channel that show you how to create just the right ‘look’ using their embellished, stretch headbands.

You can see Pink Pewter being worn by one of its biggest (not forgetting to mention famous) fan, Carrie Underwood!

1005944_632687150074697_308867142_n 1010697_643643495645729_1616575058_nWe’re definitely a fan of this country singer’s effortless style!!! (Photos c/o Pink Pewter Facebook page)

We’re so excited to share the Pink Pewter women’s hair accessory with you at Stop by any one of our listed local store locations if you’re interested in trying this trendy, embellished headband on!

Pink Pewter headbands are available in these local Glik’s stores:

  • Edwardsville, IL
  • Rockford, MI
  • Fenton, MI
  • Eagle River, WI
  • Traverse City, MI
  • Columbia, MO
  • Saugatuck, MI
  • Holland, MI

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