Patagonia Fall 2013- 40 Years of Innovation

Time to step up our fall game, people! That means starting to think about stocking up on cold weather gear, outdoor inspired layers and even a few new coats. Okay, so after a short-lived, rather mild Midwest summer the mere thought of even 55 degrees and below is slightly painful (queue 5 year old temper tantrum). It’s a fact, autumn is on it’s way, and there is no doubt that a new outdoor themed item will make it’s way into your closet very soon. My advice is to at least have a bit of fun with your first choice and check out the way-back, retro inspired pieces from Patagonia’s Fall 2013 collection.

Patagonia is celebrating 40 years of innovation this year. A big Congratulations goes out to this outdoor brand for all of their VERY environmentally conscious efforts to provide top of the line, revolutionary product for people who feel their common connection to the earth.

Becoming a Responsible Company:

I can’t even begin to explain how much of an importance Patagonia (as a whole) places on their role as company as well as a gathering of individuals on positively promoting, maintaining, and improving the environment. This blog would be FOREVER LONG, and to be honest, Patagonia’s website is the best place to spend an hour (or more) of your time, just learning.

In their book, The Responsible Company, published by Patagonia Books, founder and owner of Patagonia, Yvon Choulnard, and Vincent Stanley, co-editor of their Footprint Chronicles, recall their mutual 40 years’ experience at Patagonia (as well as their knowledge of the current efforts being made by other companies) to communicate the elements of being a responsible business for our era.

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For those who like to read: I highly suggest you read this book.

Why We Recycle:

On an awesome note… Do you know that Patagonia will take back your old, used gear that is worn out? Started in 2005, Patagonia started taking back worn our Patagonia apparel for recycling. Today, you can return any worn out product from Patagonia and they will reuse it, recycle it to produce new fabric or use the old garment to make it into a new product. Learn more about their Recycling Program here.

Patagonia also uses e-fibers. As a company, Patagonia makes it a priority to source materials and use processes that are less harmful to the Earth while at the same time not compromising the quality of their apparel. Environmentally-conscious fibers such as: recycled polyester, hemp, recycled nylon, organic cotton, chlorine-free wool, and TENCEL® lyocell are used in the production of an array of Patagonia products. Learn more about Patagonia’s e-Fibers here.

The Environmental Need to be Retro:

For as long as I can remember, I have been a HUGE fan of all things vintage and retro-inspired. Patagonia, in my opinion, has always had a retro ‘flair’ to their apparel. This healthy mix of vintage appeal vs. innovative design work is what makes up Patagonia’s Fall 2013 line. Celebrating 40 Years of Innovation by bringing back that vintage style. Nice!

Check out my top 2 favorite Patagonia pieces for both the guys and gals for fall:


Patagonia Women’s Mirror Lake Vest

” It can be hard to find girly, feminine outdoor apparel, but this vest does it! I love the color and the hint to the trendy chevron  pattern on the Patagonia Women’s Mirror Lake Vest. Not forgetting to mention, it’s reversible, so two outfits in one! Love it!” – Leslie


Patagonia Men’s Classic Retro-X Cardigan

” I had a blanket like this in the 90’s when I still slept on my mom’s couch. I lived in that thing. This Patagonia Men’s Retro–X Cardigan Jacket is just as comfy and doesn’t come with the harassment of being told to move out and get a job! #loveyoumom” – Tyler

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